These states are the most obsessed with fast food

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If being around fast food obsessed people isn’t your idea of ​​a relaxing vacation, you should definitely visit New England. some people live

This information was provided by the folks at PriceListo, which their website describes as a “fast, free, and transparent consumer pricing platform.” We used Google Trends to analyze his year’s worth of Google searches related to fast food. The search terms were combined to score each state, which determined the state’s ranking in the most fast food addicted list.

Nebraska, you win!

In a news release PriceListo said: For example, the terms ‘fast food’ and ‘fast food restaurants’ are most searched for in Nebraska. ”

Indiana came second, with the highest search rate for “Burger King” and the third highest rate for “McDonald’s.”

Tennessee ranks third, with the fifth-highest search level for “KFC” in the nation and the seventh-highest search level for the term “fast food.” Ohio has the highest number of searches for “McDonald’s” and his eighth highest number of searches for “Burger King”. Alabama was the fifth-highest in searches for “fast food near me.”

“Unsurprisingly, Kentucky searches for ‘KFC’ more than any other state, but ‘McDonald’s’ also has the second highest percentage of searches of any state,” PriceListo said.

But what about Tohoku? You’ll have to go quite a bit down this list to find it.

1. Nebraska

2. Indiana

3. Tennessee

4. Ohio

5. Alabama

6. Kentucky

7. Missouri

8. South Dakota

9. Arkansas

10. Oklahoma

11. Arizona

12. North Dakota

13. Mississippi

14. Michigan

15. South Carolina

16. Wyoming

17. Utah

18. New Mexico

19. Nevada

20. Iowa

21. Georgia

22. Kansas

23. Colorado

24. West Virginia

25. North Carolina

26. Louisiana

27. Texas

28. Idaho

29. Illinois

30. Minnesota

31. Wisconsin

32. Florida

33. Montana

34. Oregon

35. Washington

36. Virginia

37. Pennsylvania

38. California

39. Maryland

40. Connecticut

41. Hawaii

42. Delaware

43. Rhode Island

44. Main

45. Alaska

46. ​​Massachusetts

47. New Hampshire

48. New York

49. New Jersey

50. Vermont

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