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The Top TikTok Food Trends of 2022

Butterboard takes last place. Can you guess the other person?

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charcuterie board

View: 1.2 billion views

Charcuterie boards are certainly nothing new, but the impressive variety of themes, shapes, dietary tweaks and styles showcased on TikTok will keep this food trend close to the top in 2022. Create a gorgeous charcuterie board. ) Whether to decorate with salami or flowers. It’s hard to go wrong with a dinner of freshly baked brie, baked goods, and snacks.

pasta chips

View: 1.1 billion

It’s hard to tell if it started on Olive Garden’s menu, on social media, or elsewhere. But wherever pasta chips started, we’re glad they’re sticking around. Deep-fried, air-fried, or crunchy “chips” made from baked pasta are among the top TikTok food trends for 2022.

mug cake

View: Billion

Known for “baking” (translation: microwave) mug cake recipes instead of messy layer cakes or bundt cakes because portions are naturally controlled, they bake much faster, and don’t have to be shared. increase. Apparently, so do TikTok viewers and creators. The Oreo He Mug Cake is one of the most lively he cakes, but Nutella, Chocolate He Chips, Biscoff He Cookies, and Cinnamon Rolls inspired renditions have also swooned.

biria tacos

View: 922 million

Never turn down a take on taco night. But the savory beef birria taco platter with consommé for dipping is the best. No wonder this classic Mexican recipe is named his top trend for TikTok food for 2022. It may take more time and effort than your usual ground beef and taco seasoning combination, but the taste-stimulating results are worth it if you ask us.

cinnamon roll

View: 597 million views

Of course, you can make your grandma proud by making homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch. Or you can quench your Cinnabon cravings while saving time and a lot less clutter in your kitchen by recreating the viral #cinnamonrollhack. Instead of calling for flour, yeast, butter, and more, her TikTok recipe for this trend shows how to turn a tube of refrigerated cinnamon rolls into a copycat recipe. secret? Thick whipped cream.

nacho table

View: 415 million

You can probably predict how this 2022 TikTok top food trend will be made, even if you haven’t seen a single video. Simply choose a table, cover it with foil or a disposable tablecloth, choose your favorite nacho recipe, and assemble it family style on the table. As well as an oversized and very messy charcuterie board, I really can’t imagine risking the kitchen catastrophe that could result from this recipe. please look.

butter board

View: 358 million

Fall/Winter 2022 saw little escape from the tsunami of butterboard content. This “recipe” is essentially a swish of softened butter, similar to compound butter, and is designed to be scooped into a container of your choice with your favorite toppings. (Crackers, scones, slices of toast, pretzels, whatever.) Ranked among his top 10 TikTok food trends for 2022, the concept is also perhaps the most divisive one. Since its inception in Joshua McFadden’s book Six seasons Everyone from Ina Garten, reintroduced on TikTok by recipe developer @justinesnacks, to talk show hosts, shared their “likes” or “hates” opinions on what is considered charcuterie board 2.0.