The Old and New Restaurants Dallas Chefs, Food Writers, and Influencers Loved in 2022

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With so many great new restaurants opening in 2022, finding time to try them all was tough. Eater Dallas surveyed local chefs, journalists and food influencers on their thoughts on the local food scene in 2022. Here are their picks for the best new restaurants and popular restaurants that are returning for 2022.

What were your favorite destinations in 2022? Which newcomer to the scene excited you this year?

DeQuilla Gennay, Da Foodie Baddie:

“I never get tired Barbecue in Hartado, but who wouldn’t agree with this?! With the opening of a second location in Little Elm, it’s going to be a bigger BBQ brand.Will it even replace Franklin’s reputation in the near future? I really enjoyed it too Wicked Butcher, Monarch, Vegan Vibrationz, Rodeo Goat, Papaya Mexican GrillEach offers some staple plates that I haven’t been able to get anywhere else. sunlight south lake and Urban Seafood Company Plano really surprised me Federales, Sister, Waliya, Enrique Thomas, Atipico! ”

Eater staff writer and former Eater Dallas editor Amy McCarthy said:

“My favorite new restaurant for 2022 is Restaurant BeatriceAs a Louisiana native, I often find my interpretation of Dallas Cajun food sorely lacking, but every meal I had at Beatrice’s was excellent. I especially like pretending I’m in New Orleans instead of Dallas. ”

Michelle Carpenter, Chef of Zen Sushi and Restaurant Beatrice:

“In 2022, I was busy with the opening of Beatrice, so I didn’t have much time to eat out, but I made time to eat out. Ari Korean BBQ, Wu Wei Din, Thuy Nguyen Cafe For Pho and Bing Xeo, and PTT For spring rolls pate shodWhen Hu Tieu

Allie Adamek, Real Slim Foodie:

Three appetizers are served on white rocks in blue bowls.

A trio of one-hitter bites at El Carlos Elegante.
Cathy Tran

“The group may not be new overall, but Duro Hospitality has done well. Between opening two of the most innovative and interesting concepts of the year (Cafe Duro When El Carlos Elegante) and their continued creativity and ingenuity set them apart as they prepare to bring back the one-of-a-kind Highland Park Soda Fountain next year. While there are several examples of restaurant groups that aren’t exactly ‘staying in their lane’, and that’s very obvious, Duro has a reputation for excellence in restaurant design, innovative menus, and traditional high-level hospitality. He continues to show off his versatile skills in everything. ”

Leslie Brenner, Leslie Brenner Concepts and James Beard Award winning authors:

“I was really happy to be back eating out. Petra and the Beast, Billy Kung Kung, Meridian, Beverly’s, Tay Ann, Anis, Katip Thai Street Food, Bamboo Thai Asian, Carbones (with an apostrophe-S), National Anthem, Sister, Jose, Sachet, Gemma, Mott Haiba, Alamo Club, Encina, Doce Mesas, Pie Tap PizzaThere were many other places that I wanted to go to, or that I wanted to visit again, but couldn’t. Full disclosure: Meridian and Anise are my customers, but they were on my list even if they weren’t! Newcomers that got me excited: Knox Bistro – Bruno Davaillon and Michael Ehlert regularly knock out of the park there.

Brian Reinhart, Dining Critic for D Magazine:

“The most visited restaurant in 2022 is Encina When Revolver Gastro CantinaThat’s the good life.Revolver was one of 11 spots D. It’s been on magazine’s Best New Restaurant lists and I’m thrilled with them all, but it’s rare for a new place to be in my regular rotation right away. It can be frustrating because you fall in love with a restaurant and have to throw it away and move on to the next restaurant. It’s hard to be a regular anywhere with this job, but I’m not out of Revolver Gastrocantina yet.”

Stephen Doyle, coveted DFW:

“We still enjoy local favorites such as: Parisi When Lavandouproven.

Rachel Pinn, Eater Dallas Contributors:

“Go to your local sushi restaurant, Sasazushi, Sushi that hits just right every door Waya, When the season for piping hot soup comes. ”

Knife Chef Jon Tether:

“Like everyone else, I was excited. Meridian this year. I live in The Village in The Drey, so it was easy for me to go there and observe as a chef. Junior has assembled a great kitchen crew there. There’s a lot of energy around it and I always have a great experience.The whole project at The Village was so interesting that I moved there.

“I really like what Chaz is doing El Carlos EleganteI think they are really on to something. We had a wonderful experience like being somewhere in Mexico. The food is creative and the space is great. I also love that it has taken over an old Mexican restaurant that has such a vibrant energy. I think it’s the best new restaurant since Meridian in Dallas. That’s down to a lot of the really great dining experiences I’ve had across the country. ”

Rosin Saez, senior editor at Thrillist Food and Drink:

Cajun food is on the table. Fried chicken, peppers, corn, pickle side dish and bourbon.

That crispy fried chicken at restaurant Beatrice.
Cathy Tran

“Every time I visit Restaurant Beatrice, it’s great. The story told by chefs Michelle Carpenter and Terrence Jenkins is one of hers in Louisiana, not just New Orleans. A celebration of family history and the future of cooking – at Beckley’s restaurant, it’s put directly on the plate. From the boudin to the andouille to the pepper jelly that accompanies the crispiest fried chicken in town, everything, if not everything, is homemade as much as possible.

“Double D has just opened and is our bartender’s favorite bar. An instant classic. The drinks are familiar and original. It’s sure to be an exciting bar debut.”

Fearing’s Restaurant Chef Dean Fearing said:

Eatery When Terra It’s now a staple in our house. Out-of-state visitors always have pasta one night when they’re here. The pasta is always incredibly delicious and always fresh. And the tableside ice cream cart makes everyone feel like a kid again.

Leslie Chatman, Eater Dallas Contributing to:

Whole roasted branzino on a wooden board. Garnished with chopped fresh vegetables and his two roasted lemon halves, and spices garnishing the board.

Whole roasted Branzino from Italy’s cathedral bistro.
Cathy Tran

“The destinations we regularly go to in 2022 are: Steve Fields lobster pizza and Cathedral Italian Bistro For Chef Roger’s Italian egg rolls. Both, these dishes are unique and incredibly delicious.i was really excited Brentwood Opens in space previously occupied by Houston. I am always curious what this restaurant group is up to. Brentwood’s menu does not disappoint. Filled with sophisticated American-style cuisine. I love it. “

Lily Crumbrich Taylor, Dalasite 101:

crying wolf It has become one of my favorite restaurants during my time in Dallas. Casual ambiance, quality food, open kitchen – all just right, this is the type of restaurant that really welcomes the Dallas food scene. It reminds me of restaurants I encountered in New York or the Bay Area. There you’ll find passionate staff and really good and inventive cuisine. also, clifton club It was a great addition. The Oak Lawn/Highland Park/Knox area has minimal lounge/cocktail bar options, so it was no surprise that Clifton was a hit for that reason alone, but Greg Katz is fantastic with its menu and environmentMore I’m also excited about the Coupe for 2023 for the same reasons. Double D Thank you for bringing the first true destination bar to the Design District!”

Nataly Keomoungkhoun, D Magazine Food Editor:

“Where did you go on a trip this year? Rollo Dallas When homewoodBoth have great drinks and great bites! I was most excited to see Chef Tatsuya Sekiguchi arrive in Dallas. Tatsu has greatly improved the fine dining scene in Dallas. I can’t wait to see how the omakase restaurants in Dallas come together next year.

Kevin Gray, Eater Dallas contributor:

Uchiba Especially during happy hour you can get the same great sushi and hot/cold food for less money than usual. A few slices of nigiri, a few skewers, and Hachi no Knee cocktail (gin, rosemary, yuzu honey), please. When it’s cold outside or I have a hangover, I eat beef pho. Pho is for lovers. neon pizza Oak Cliff’s delicious 72 Hour Dough takes the top spot for pizza this year.And the notable newcomer is brass ramA lovely dining room, fine dining, martini menu, and sophisticated service check out many items. ”

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