The Best Hangover Food In NYC, According to Patch Readers

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NEW YORK CITY – We are impressed and in awe of the breadth and depth of knowledge Patch readers have about the best hangover remedies in New York City.


In response to our request to learn more about the best New Year’s Day hangover foods in New York City (because), the patch received over 130 responses.

This data makes two things clear:

  1. Over 25% of you are currently hungover.
  2. About 80% are hungry.

One woman’s story:

“I’m old school, so I drink tea with ginger ale at room temperature, lemon and fresh ginger. I always make homemade chicken noodle soup in a big pot and keep crackers at home. I smoke joints.” It calms the stomach.’ The girls were like, Mama, what do you know about that? I told them I’d been smoking weed since I was 13. It was a deal bag. And 50 cents for loose joints. I told my daughters don’t let age fool you. “

Mathematically speaking, this means that 100% of the people reading this want to know where the best hangover food is in New York City.

Let’s do it. According to you, here’s where to find the best hangover food in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens.

Special mentions include the Uptown Manhattan Cheeseburger with Cool Ranch Mayonnaise; hair!) and so on.

Readers of the New York City patch also had a number of hot tips when dining locally:

  • Find Menudo in Washington Heights
  • Look for Coke floats (Lexington Candy on the Upper East Side is just one city eatery that offers them).
  • “A meal at home, Hoppin’ John! New York day calls for pork, green veggies, and black beans!”
  • Eli’s/Zabar’s Oatmeal
  • “Hangover won’t go away if you don’t eat Chinese food”

Important note: BEC reigns supreme.

Photo by Peter Senzamichi

About 15% of Patch readers say they have no choice for their first hangover meal of the year other than the iconic, classic, beautiful bacon, eggs and cheese from their local bodega.

New Yorkers enjoying hangover meals at home had plenty of post-workout binge suggestions.

  • “Steak and eggs”.
  • “Peruvian ceviche and arroz con pollo”
  • “Sancocho, a thick Dominican soup made with root vegetables and meat”
  • “SOUL FOOD dark green vegetables, mashed potatoes, macaroni cheese, bread/toast, pancakes without syrup, chicken noodle soup, salted crackers.”
  • good bloody mary

It’s too late for this tip, but one reader suggests, “Just take a spoonful of olive oil before drinking.”

Oh, and a message from your 75% members who are smart enough to abstain on New Year’s Eve: “Alcohol is a drug and should be banned. Stop putting out stupid polls like that.”

Patches don’t make promises. Happy new year!

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