The Best Dishes at Atlanta Restaurants in 2022

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As 2022 draws to a close, and as always, Eater is asking Atlanta’s food writers, restaurant critics, and readers to share their favorite new restaurants and pop-ups, the best meals of the year, and what they want to start seeing. I researched everything. On the Atlanta Dining Scene in 2023 Best new restaurants and pop-ups of 2022now they have their Best meal in a restaurant in Atlanta this year.

Check back throughout the week for Year in Eater feedback from Atlanta food writers and Eater readers.

Sarah Delgado, Eater Atlanta Contributor

Impermanence. I’m never an omakase person, but looking back at the meals I’ve had this year, I’d happily budget again, and Mujo is at the top of my list. From the combination of , unparalleled hospitality and quiet grandeur, it is without a doubt my most memorable meal of the year.

Mike JordanAtlanta Food and Culture Journalist, Southeastern Editor receipt

The meal I remember most is lunch at Saint Cecilia. I don’t go there often (that will change), but they extended their lunch menu this year while others canceled their lunch service. Went there because we needed something to do and had a great lunch. Everything from the bib lettuce salad to the wood-fired swordfish was delicious, accompanied by a French 75 rosé riff and a glass of white wine. The staff are super cool and she was helpful as my mum passed away recently. I needed a good person with energy. Beyond the wonderful lunch, I think the service was what I appreciated the most. It was amazing, but still casual.

Sam Worley, Atlanta magazine deputy editor

I can’t say for certain that he copied me, but I did Get a blackened grouper Caesar salad at the new Kirkwood Fishmonger a week or two ago that Barack Obama did. This was part of a meal as impeccably prepared as his Poncey-Highland original at the restaurant, but cocktails (and now presidential seal approval).

Chris Martins, Eater Atlanta Contributor

Earlier this year, several pop-ups did round-the-world dumpling nights, and I was crazy enough to get a dish from each chef. (Korean dumpling soup), Brave Wojtek’s Pierogi Raskey, and more. That event was a pretty good snapshot of the talent in Atlanta’s pop-up scene.

Jennifer ZaimanAtlanta Restaurant Critic, food & wine Senior Commerce Writer for Magazines

impermanence Also. Japanese food is one of my favorite dishes. J. Trent Harris understands the nuances of Japanese food, from sourcing to service. Which other sushi spot in Atlanta will wipe your plate with nigiri? It may not be your weekly meal, but it’s a must for sushi lovers and diners who like a fully immersive culinary experience I also really enjoyed my night at Palo Santo and would love to come back.

Beth McKibben,Editor Eater Atlanta

It’s hard to pinpoint just one meal this year, but the blackened grouper sandwich has to be featured elsewhere. fishmongerChef Brad Forsblom dips the grouper in nori butter and sprinkles it with a roasted 10-spice blend that includes Sichuan pepper, cumin, fennel, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves and coriander. The fish is served on nori-buttered toasted bread and topped with a tangy sauce and herb salad. It’s very good. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the meal I had at Redbird. Chef Zev Stevenson has included the most delicious vegetable, rice and grain dishes on its menu.This includes grilled bamboo shoots and a perfect 6 minute egg spicy fried rice

Surveyed by eat readers

Eater readers who took part in the 2022 Year in Eater dining survey named the following restaurant’s best meals: Just F*ck Me Up, Fam Little Bear’s Dealer’s Choice. KFC Bowl at TKO; boiled gyoza At Xiao’s Way Noodle House. biria tacos Pretty Little Octopus (Colony Square). Chicha sour, ceviche, causa From Tiorcho. Miso black cod From bullies. Chilean Relleno At Tortuga y Chango. grinder From Staplehouse. duck burger from Boons.When oxtail low main Continent.

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