Thankful Little Havana residents line up for holiday food distribution

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Little Havana’s Christmas Food Distribution

Little Havana’s Christmas Food Distribution


Miami – On Thursday morning, in Little Havana, people started lining up at 3am for the holiday food distribution hosted by Commissioner Joe Carolo.

Thousands of people lined up for the block as food prices skyrocketed this year.

This is the second of three events the Commissioner will be handing out food.

In total, they are handing out 7,000 bags of food for Christmas dinner. Each bag weighed about 50 pounds and was filled with traditional holiday dinner ingredients, including 12 pounds of pork shoulder. Each bag contains approximately $100 worth of food.

One woman told CBS4 she wouldn’t have been able to feed her family of eight for Christmas dinner without the giveaway.

Her family has lost their jobs due to the pandemic, and food prices and rents are getting higher and higher, making it difficult to put food on the table for eight people.

“It’s very expensive. Without a foot stamp, it’s limited. There are a lot of people here. Many have what they need, nothing is lacking, and everyone has I hope you walk away with something in your hand,” said a woman in line.

“Rents are going up, gas is going up, food is more expensive than ever, and people need it more than ever,” said Joe Carroll.

So how is he doing this?

Each committee member has an annual budget for doing something in the district. Carolo said that this year in particular they have used funds for food drives such as this, and have received pork shoulders as donations throughout the community. I made it

They have another giveaway before Christmas. It’s held at Lawn Depot Park on Fridays from 10am to 3pm.

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