Tasteatlas Announces The World’s Best Foods!

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Social media is buzzing about the world’s best food and world’s best food lists. In these two lists of his published by Tasteatlas, his one flavor in particular seems to have squashed many cuisines around the world. Turkey’s position in the country’s ranking also attracted attention. So what dishes are on the list and where does Turkey rank?

Tasteatlas publishes the world’s best food and the world’s best food list. Of course, many people’s eyes in Turkey go to the Turkish rankings first, to see which Turkish dishes were on the list and in what order. The list continues to be a hot topic. So what are the flavors of Turkey on the list of “best foods in the world”? Here is the world ranking of Turkey and its dishes…

Turkish taste ranks 9th in the world

Turkish cuisine was in the top 10 in the list of the world’s best cuisines published by Tasteatlas. Among the Turkish dishes that made the list, Kebab I was on the front line.

Ranked ninth on the list, Kah Kebab surpassed world-famous dishes such as Pizza Margherita, Tonkotsu Ramen, Steak au Poivre, and Sake Nigiri Sushi.

There are many other Turkish dishes on the list…

Many other Turkish dishes were also included in the list. among them; shish kebab Manti is 14th, Manti is 22nd, Iskender kebabs is 39th, Arinazik is 45th, doner kebab 48th place.

Turkey ranks 7th in the world! Even in France…

Tasteatlas also released a list of the world’s best dishes. Meanwhile, Turkey takes seventh place on this list, with countries competing with each other for their famous dishes. No. 1 Italy, No. 2 Greece, No. 3 Spain, No. 4 Japan, No. 5 India, No. 6 Mexico. Moreover, it did not go unnoticed that Turkey surpassed France, famous for its food and cuisine. France is ranked ninth.

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