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Survey says osechi New Year’s food differs according to each region in Japan

And while there are several staples on menus across the country, what those staples contain also varies!

New Year’s is a very auspicious time in Japan, and it’s a time when people want to keep their homes peaceful and quiet in order to welcome visiting spirits and promote good luck for the year. has some rules that breaking them can lead to bad luck.

Two of them relate to cooking and eating: boiling water over fire and eating four-legged creatures are prohibited. Year. Fortunately, there are traditions for that. Cook (or buy) a lot of food before New Year’s and eat it over three days!

called New Year’s cuisine “New Year dishes” It consists of dozens of small dishes of vegetables and seafood, but after all, The dishes used vary greatly by regionThe annual magazine “New Year Hundred Flowers” published by the food production company Kibun Foods. New Year dishesand this year’s result is A survey of what people eat on New Year’s Day. The results were pretty interesting!

The survey asked 5,875 married women aged 20 to 60 in all 47 prefectures about what to prepare. New Year dishes49 responses were provided, but there was clearly the most popular dish. KamabokoAlso Kamaboko steamed83.2% of respondents New Year dishes meal.

▼ Shown here as a pink and white square

in second place was New Year dish, rice cake and vegetable soupMochi is a symbolic food of the New Year, but it is a dangerous ingredient in soups. Slippery mochi can be a choking hazard if not chewed well. Still, that doesn’t deter people from eating it. 73.5% of respondents say they prepare every year.

Also on the list was black soybeans The third place is sugar soy sauce (68.9%). Datemaki4th place (65.8%), a rolled omelet mixed with fish paste.When KazunokoKazunoko, fifth (58.6%).

▼ Black soybeans

in the meantime Top 3 players are preparing nationwideAlso, popular dishes differ from region to region.For example, the sixth most popular New Year dishes Sweet potato and chestnut mashed potatoes, according to research (Walnut Kinton), mainly eaten in eastern Japan, but in western Japan it seems that candied chestnuts are preferred.

▼Prefectures where you can eat Walnut Kinton The person on the left eats candied chestnuts, and the person on the right eats candied chestnuts.

Like chestnuts, burdock (Burdock) Considered an auspicious food in Japan, it is also part of its popularity. New Year dishes cooking. However, the cooking method differs from region to region.In eastern Japan, burdock root is preferred to be stir-fried with soy sauce and sugar. Kinpira Burdock), but in western Japan, they prefer to season it with sesame and vinegar.

▼Prefectures where you can eat Kinpira Burdock Left, person eating sesame and vinegar Burdock on the right

flat, New Year dish, is popular nationwide and has its own regional variations. For example, according to research, The rice cake inside is cut differentlyIn eastern Japan, it is cut into rectangles, but in western Japan, it is cut into circles.

▼Red likes circles, yellow likes squares

The type of kamaboko is also different. Naruto rollThe type with a swirl in the center (below) is popular in eastern Japan, but seems to be popular in western Japan. Kamabokousually arched.

Naruto roll

The study revealed that regions also determine the types of seafood. In the East, salmon roe is preferred, but in the West, shrimp is popular.Vegetables used Ozoni (other than the most popular root vegetables) It depends on the region! For example, Kyushu alone is divided into north and south. In the north, they like to add lush green rape blossoms, known as rape blossoms. Katsuonabut the South likes to use sprouts.

▼ red Katsuonayellow represents bean sprouts and blue represents another rapeseed variety. New Year name.

I wonder how many kinds there are New Year dishes There are nationwide. Sadly, New Year dishes It has lost popularity among young people for several reasons. New Year dishes A box that lasts three days for everyone in your household (or all the materials you need to make one).

Still, another recent study found that while people celebrate the New Year differently in times of COVID-19, New Year dishes Whether cooked or purchased, it still plays an important role, so we can see this food tradition continue for years to come.

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