South Florida residents turn to food banks as inflation rises

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oakland park, florida – As the battle against inflation continues, many South Florida residents continue to rely on food banks to alleviate hunger.

Local 10 News’ Cody Weddle spoke with US Attorney’s Office JD Smith.

“The cost of food is so high that we need additional resources to get our next paycheck,” says Smith.

The office has partnered with Farm Share, one of the area’s largest food banks, to distribute three bags of food per household.

“It’s great, it helps a lot. We need money right now, so that’s a blessing,” said food bank patron Desier Parra.

For people like Para, who recently lost their jobs, it’s a lifeline to keep her family from going hungry.

Since last August, the rate of food insecurity, defined simply as not having enough food, has increased across the country.

In South Florida, the numbers are much more staggering.

Joel Berg, CEO of Hunger Free America, told Local 10 News that Florida had one of the fastest increases in hunger last year.

“The bottom line is that the federal government has taken the cash going to families in need,” Berg said.

According to the federal government, 20% more Floridians didn’t get enough food in just one week this October compared to last year.

Berg recently released a study and report to track hunger rates across the country.

He blames the end of federal programs such as the extended child tax credit and universally free school meals, coupled with inflation.

Tiffany Tebrin, who also uses the food bank, told Local 10 News that the increase in food prices has been very noticeable.

The same egg used to cost $3.00 and now costs $5.08. Food prices have skyrocketed,” Tebrin said.

As a result of rising food prices, more and more people are turning to charities such as food banks.

Many of these organizations say they are in short supply as demand continues to grow.

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