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Police Save the Day After ‘True-Life Grinch’ Steals Indiana Family’s Food, Christmas Gifts

Police officers in South Bend, Indiana, responded quickly after a “real Grinch” broke into a family’s home on Christmas Eve morning and stole food and gifts from under the tree.

In a post shared on Facebook, the South Bend Police Department said, “After speaking with the owner of the home, officers learned that Christmas gifts had been taken and the children were left with none.

Thankfully, the officers on duty immediately contacted the South Bend Fraternity at Police Lodge #36. The group’s “Santa’s Elphisir” program informed delegates that they had gifts left to share with families in need.

“The officers then returned to the residence with several boxes of Christmas presents and food for the family,” the SBPD explained. “This is what serving our community is all about.”

In the video, four police officers can be seen surprising a mother and three children with a pile of new Christmas presents. “Oh my God,” exclaimed the overjoyed mother before telling her children to thank the police officer for his kind gesture. She also thanked them for their generosity.

In an interview with WNDU-TV, Patrolman Brian Meder likened the thief to the “Grinch” from Dr. Seuss’ popular Christmas story.

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“They found out that the house had been burgled, and in the process, an individual had taken all the gifts and even some food from the refrigerator,” he said. I left nothing behind.”

Meador, who works with the “Santa’s Elficers” program, said he was contacted by an officer on duty when he reported the robbery. The FOP Lodge member said he had already delivered toys and food to over 400 local families, but he shared leftovers with families in need.

“[The officers] I asked if there was anything extra, and I keep items here at the station just in case something like this happens,” he explained. “And seeing the kids, this morning I was able to go out and deliver food and gifts, and see the presents under the tree and see the faces of the girls who started playing with them.” You could see it. That’s why we do it. What we do.”

“That’s the positive part and that’s why we keep moving forward as cops,” Meador added. “And I hope it will be a memory that will last a lifetime for them. The day may come.”

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