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Photo by Scott Etkin.

Scott Etkin and Lisa Kava

outletA jewelry store on the corner of Columbus and 70th Street has expanded into an adjacent space to create a new store. Poetry of material things. The new space has decorative homewares (crystals, candles, vases, bowls, herbariums, etc.) and jewelry continues to be sold in the existing space. Co-owners Scott and Ruth Bienstock told West Side Rag that they might eventually tear down the wall between the two stores to make one big space.Poetry of Material Things will replace his hair stylist Salon Gabor, who closed last month.

Ample Hills CreameryAn ice cream shop on 85th and 86th streets in Amsterdam closed from December 19th to 25th due to the financial difficulties of its parent company. Schmitt Industries, the Portland-based precision-equipment company that owns Ample Hills, wrote that it is seeking “additional investment capital necessary to continue operations.” The store’s sign says it plans to reopen on December 26, but Schmidt wrote: “This year he opened his UWS shop in July. There was a line around this block and actress Ellie Kemper (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt) stopped by. In 2020, Schmitt acquired Ample Hills, which was founded in Brooklyn in 2010 (thanks to Gerry for the information).

key hoodThe supermarket chain is coming to a large retail space on the corner of Broadway and 88th Street. This space was previously the grocery delivery hub for Duane Reade and his JOKR. Key Food also has his UWS stores at his 86th Street and his 96th Street along Amsterdam. It is also the company that operates the Food Emporium grocery store. (Thanks to David and Richard for the hint.)

two bootsof a pizza chain. big knicks Broadway and 77th closed in 2013. Two Boots has an extensive menu of pies with creative names like Earth Mother and Bayou Beast. Two Boots has several locations in the city. A representative for the Upper East He Side location told WSR that the space is under construction and is expected to open in “three to six months”, though there is no firm date yet.

a Smokehouse It has a billboard between 81st and 82nd streets in Amsterdam, replacing Blondie’s hair salon. Smokeshops that sell CBD products, e-cigarettes, snacks and paraphernalia have recently come under scrutiny for selling illegal weed. There are at least 26 companies with according to To City Councilman Gail Brewer.

Omonia Cafe Opened at the intersection of 108th Street and Broadway. Founded in 1977, Omonia has locations in Queens and Brooklyn and is best known for its Greek and Italian pastries. “The baklava and baklava cheesecake are amazing,” writes tipper Steve. It replaces Hoshi Coupe in hair salons.

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