Our Best Food Access Reporting of 2022

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The federal government has provided critical emergency assistance to those in need during the pandemic. This includes increased benefits for those eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance (SNAP) programs and universal free school meals. But with many of these programs ending this year and food prices rising, U.S. households are experiencing greater food insecurity.

According to the Urban Institute, 21.4% of U.S. households will be food insecure in the summer of 2022, up 6% from spring 2021. Black (29.2%) and Latino (32.3%) adults faced even higher food insecurity rates.

Even after the pandemic, Civil Eats continues to closely cover food access and security. We track states like California and New York, investing millions of dollars to help communities expand access to fresh food, and working hard to feed neighbors in need. We spoke to nonprofits, churches, and individuals. Here are the most important articles on food insecurity in the United States and how cities, states, and communities are trying to address this enduring problem.

Food System Imprisonment, Abolition and Liberation
Six food and agriculture organizers discuss resistance, healing and the role of community in their work.

California gives big boost to corner stores selling fresh produce
The state’s Healthy Freezing Grant Program will invest $20 million to bring fresh produce to low-access communities in 2022.

Is Michelle Wu America’s Food Justice Mayor?
Boston’s new leaders are embarking on the most ambitious food policy agenda the city has ever seen and could set an example for cities across the country.

A new approach to keep ex-foster youths from facing food insecurity
Transitioning out of foster care can cause young adults to lose the skills and tools to live on their own. Proponents are proposing changes to keep them from going hungry.

Sustainably caught fish from Long Island's Haskell's Seafood, a family-owned fishery, is delivered to our kosher mass beer pantry in Brooklyn's Borough Park neighborhood.

Photo Essay: How Nourishing New York Still Nourishes NYC
A program created to help farmers and feed New Yorkers amid the pandemic food crisis will stay here.

Can creating a prescription program turn the tide on diet-related illnesses?
As the Farm Bill moves forward and some want to expand the use of the Produce Rx program, new research seeks to assess the impact of this “food as medicine” tactic.

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