Nonprofits are in need of donations as inflation rises

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Philadelphia (CBS) — The unsung heroes of the holiday season are nonprofits that have served thousands of people throughout the Philadelphia area. However, this year presents a different set of challenges than previous years.

Chosen 300 Ministries, which serve 2,100 meals weekly throughout the Delaware Valley, are facing challenging demand.

“We serve approximately 2,100 meals a week across our three locations,” said Executive Director Brian Jenkins. “There are so many people who didn’t suffer before, but now they do, so the need has increased.”

Executive Director Brian Jenkins said many see the organization as doing God’s work, but the U.S. Census predicts a 47 percent spike in food insecurity in Pennsylvania in 2021. Thinking about it makes it more difficult.

“I see people driving in Cadillacs, they’re not poor, but they can’t afford to pay for electricity or food,” Jenkins said. I need something to make up for ‘get through’. ”

But as 2023 approaches, Jenkins says he faces uncertainty, with just four days to go before hitting a $19,000 deficit at the end of the year.

The organization relies on donations. Even with the subsidy, Jenkins says it’s still not enough to cover his spending, given that inflation has reached his highest level in 40 years.

“The economy is in a really weird state,” Jenkins said. “Inflation was sky-high, gas prices were sky-high, food prices were sky-high. Sometimes I wonder if I should. I’m holding back to make sure my family is safe.”

Not just the 300 chosen. Hunger relief organizations around the world are struggling.

Last year, Fira Bandance, the Tri-State area’s primary hunger relief agency, reported a 3% drop in donations. In the meantime, they serve 55% more people.

The 300 people selected hope to inspire more people by spreading the word.

“You never know what our economic environment will be like,” Jenkins said.

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