National Grid to reimburse for spoiled food and medicine for those who lost power for at least 72 hours

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According to National Grid, homes and businesses that lose power for more than 72 hours are eligible for refunds on perishable food and medicines.

National Grid customers who lose power for at least 72 hours receive an automatic $25 credit to their bill “for each subsequent 24-hour outage period.”

To obtain a refund for spoiled food and medicines, customers must complete an online form containing an itemized list of all spoiled food and medicines.

Claims must be submitted within 14 days of the 72 hour mark.

Companies can also receive compensation. You can use the same link above for the same.

Other ways to submit a claim include:

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By Email: Download the Food and Prescription Drug Spoilage Claim Form and Supplemental Documents and email it to [email protected].

By Mail: Mail the Food and Prescription Medication Spoilage Claim Form and supporting documents to: NY Food Spoilage Claims, 1125 Broadway, Albany, NY 12204.

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