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Mom Leaves Teen Daughter Alone In The Hospital On Christmas, Hoping It Will Teach Her A Lesson, Wonders If She Went Too Far

There is nothing worse than being sick on Christmas. I’ve made countless trips to sit in a corner feeling exuberant, watching everyone else enjoy their holiday treats, opening presents, and sprinting to the bathroom to feel sorry for myself. increase.It’s even worse to end with hospital At Christmas, I know all the festivities go on without you, but that’s why most of us try to stay healthy during the holidays. Avoid people who have become, and most importantly, know make us sick

A woman recently reached out on Reddit and wondered if she was crazy for leaving her 16-year-old daughter alone in the hospital over Christmas. But the thing is, this teenager knew exactly what she was doing before she got sick, so her mother had a hard time feeling her sympathy. Below you can find the full text and some of the responses readers left for her mother. She can decide for herself whether she should have spent Christmas in the hospital.

We welcome your feedback on this situation in the comments section. bored panda For articles featuring family drama over Christmas, look no further Here!

After her daughter deliberately ate food that made her feel sick at Christmas, this mother wonders if she made the mistake of spending the holidays at home instead of in the hospital.

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For many of us, food is a big part of the Christmas celebration: roasted turkey, tamales, gingerbread cookies, pecan pie, macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, hot chocolate, and more. So it’s totally understandable why this teen of hers wants to experience the vacation to the fullest. But being in the hospital is no fun way to spend Christmas. Unfortunately, as many commenters have pointed out, 16 is old enough to understand that our actions have consequences. She has a history of getting seriously ill after eating trigger foods, so why would she want to go through the torture of being violently ill again?

Food allergies and intolerances are a major inconvenience and can be life-threatening, but they are common to deal with. 32 million people About 20% have food allergies Of the world there is some kind of population food intoleranceIt may not be fun to avoid gluten, sugar, oils, or anything else that could trigger this teenage age, but many are in a similar boat, and for health reasons. I personally don’t know what it’s like to have severe food sensitivities or allergies, but I do know what it’s like to celebrate the holidays with a vegan diet. I’m here. Sure, it takes a little more work to prepare, and you might not be able to eat your grandma’s Christmas cookies or your mom’s famous pie. But it’s totally worth it to enjoy my day knowing I’ve eaten something that makes me feel comfortable.

The mother who shared this story said she did her best to have plenty of safe options available to her daughter, so there was no reason to stick to trigger foods. Foods often look appealing, but for most people, the threat of getting blisteringly ill and being rushed to the hospital is enough to discourage them from eating certain foods. ‘s trigger foods are poisonous to her, and no one likes chasing dinner with household cleaners and shots of paint.

Some commenters on Reddit began speculating about what health issues the girl was battling. She has not been formally diagnosed with anything, but some potential causes are simply a sensitive stomach, gallbladder problems, gastroparesis, or irritable bowel syndrome or illness. It says it’s difficult to make a diagnosis, so it’s primarily focused on how to manage symptoms.

according to verywell health, one of the best ways to manage a sensitive stomach is to cut out trigger foods. Foods: spicy foods, tomato sauce and citrus, fried foods, high-fat foods, processed foods, gluten, artificial sweeteners, high-sugar foods… but it’s important not to restrict your diet too much. Verywell Health reminds readers with sensitive stomachs to make sure they eat fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, fiber-rich whole grains, and drink plenty of water. The best foods that people with stomachs can usually handle well include yogurt, fermented foods, whole grains, bananas, rice, cooked fruits and vegetables, eggs, lean meats, and applesauce.

I can’t imagine how painful it is to see your daughter suffer like this constantly from sickness, but at some point she must learn a lesson. It wasn’t fair for a mother’s Christmas to be ruined by spending time in the hospital just because it was preventable and someone wanted to eat all her trigger foods. It may be time to see a therapist and get this illness, or potentially anxiety-driven illness, under control.Sixteen is old enough to start taking accountability. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this situation in the comments below, Panda. Do you think a mother should have stayed by her daughter’s side, or do you think it’s time to show some tough love?

Many readers assured the mother that her tough love was legitimate and that her daughter needed to learn her lesson.

Others thought the mother should have handled the situation differently,

Some even suggested that their daughter seek professional help, as this behavior could be seen as a potential sign of self-harm or an eating disorder.