Miracles Bakery provides tasty options for people living with food sensitivities

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The Versailles Lady’s gluten-free baking talent is a thriving business, offering food conscious people the chance to indulge themselves with her healthy baked goods.

Denise Walsh has been gluten-free for several years already for her own health reasons. About 14 years ago, her son Connor, now 21, began having problems and was eventually diagnosed with celiac disease. According to the Celiac Disease Foundation, gluten generally refers to proteins that act as the “glue” that holds foods together, and is found in traditional wheat and its varieties, rye, barley, and triticale (barley/rye). . cross.

Gluten is found in everything from bread, crackers, and pasta to salad dressings, milkshakes, and beer, and can cause serious gastrointestinal and other problems for sensitive individuals. The Celiac Foundation warns that even oats grown with wheat can cause problems.

Today, reputable cookbooks and gluten-free bloggers can be relied upon for inspiration, but Walsh noted that years ago, even online, there wasn’t much information available about gluten sensitivity and adaptations. I said no.

Always a baking enthusiast, she started tweaking her usual recipes by buying all kinds of gluten-free flours at Whole Foods Market.

“I took a lot [my grandmother’s] I reworked the recipe over and over until it was delicious,” she said. “It’s like science. Once you understand the formula, you understand it, and you can do a lot with it.”

Walsh has learned to use swaps like almond flour, brown or white rice flour, coconut flour, quinoa flour, and buckwheat flour to bake breads, biscuits, and rolls that the whole family can enjoy. And in her 2014, she launched her own business, Miracles her bakery in Bert Her Road in Lexington, allowing the rest of her family to do the same.

Menus include homemade buckwheat quinoa bread, buckwheat quinoa rolls, almond paleo bread, vegan dinner rolls, vegan sandwich breads, and garlic cheddar biscuits, often with more healthy fiber and protein than commercial sticky rice. contains.

Baked goods here are preservative-free and must be frozen until thawed and served.

The bakery’s on-site cafe has been a hit with patrons, but in the fall of 2022, due to the job crisis affecting many restaurants and other sectors, the bakery will move forward with Walsh’s reorganization in 2023. It’s now pickup only until we can determine our way. Of his 16 employees who assist with orders, the bakery now has only three.

“As long as this madness continues, we have to keep it simple,” she said.

Until then, Walsh adds, some items are also available at Whole Foods stores and Good Foods Co-op. Miracles Bakery also offers cookie kits, cookie boxes, and dessert bar boxes for online ordering and scheduled pickup.

Britney Howard, a Lexington mother of four, said she’s been a patron of Miracles Bakery for several years.

“It was a really scary time,” she said. When Howard went to Miracles his bakery for the first time after avoiding his favorite baked goods, he was overjoyed to see everything he could eat again in a deliciously altered way and had many to try. Purchased an item.

“We used to joke that we were keeping their business!” she said.

Eventually, her daughter was also diagnosed with a gluten problem, and she and others in her family have various food allergies. We appreciate Walsh’s Bakery for its baked goods.

“They have become part of our family because they know us and love us,” she said. It’s just that.”

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