Mario Lopez shares some of his family’s holiday food traditions, interview

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While many have seen his smile on TV, Mario Lopez and his family spend the holiday season like no other. The kitchen is full of laughter, flavorful dishes, and festivities. These holiday food traditions bring everyone together. Fortunately, the kitchen is fully equipped to make life easier.

Recently, Lopez partnered with Whirlpool and spoke to FoodSided about his partnership and some holiday dining traditions. It’s time to gather everyone around the kitchen.

Lopez told FoodSided: I like to involve my children in cooking and preparing meals. That way kids know what a sensible plate looks like.

Lopez says that as a family of mixed Mexican and Italian cultures, they always enjoy good food. With his mother-in-law cooking pasta and other Italian dishes and his mom cooking traditional Mexican recipes, no one ever went hungry.

During the holidays, Lopez shared that the holidays are tamale season. He likened the process almost to an assembly line. Lopez has admitted he may not be part of the production process, but he’s all about eating his fair share.

Given there’s a lot of food in the house, Lopez appreciates the ample storage space in his Whirlpool signature appliances, like the French door refrigerator. Specifically, the refrigerator “takes organization to another level, giving you more room to allocate everything properly.”

There’s a lot of food around, but Lopez wants it to be easy to prepare. He remembered how George Foreman enjoyed his grill at the time. Now, his Whirlpool oven’s air fryer setup is an updated man’s version.

Lopez described air fryer mode as a quick and efficient way to cook. Whether it’s chicken or sweet potato fries, everything is crisp. It’s like one size fits all kitchen appliances.

With the holidays in full swing, Lopez’s family occasionally bakes cookies and watches holiday movies, he said. The idea doesn’t take much effort, but it’s a fun time to get together and make memories.

Some may not have Lopez’s smooth dance moves or his iconic dimples, but you can still take inspiration from his holiday kitchen and family traditions. are you ready?

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