Man steals from Walmart hiding items in dog food, police say

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Ogden, Utah According to the indictment, the man went to Walmart and used the dog food to hide other items he stole and later sold.

Officers addressed a Walmart in Ogden on Wednesday and said they saw security footage of Stanton Powell walking around the store and hiding things around him.

Police said Powell cut open a bag of dog food, hid multiple items inside, and taped it shut from a shelf.

Later, after police read out his rights, they admitted he had stolen the items and said he planned to sell them later. I spoke to

They contacted his parole agent and allowed the police to search the car, whereupon police said “a small green bag with a white leaf-like substance” and a zipper bag containing needles. “There was a dense white crystal-like substance in it,” he said. Similar to methamphetamine. ”

According to police, Powell said the green leafy substance was marijuana and the white crystalline substance was “hashish.”

He was incarcerated in Weber County Jail on charges of retail theft, use or possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession or use of controlled substances.

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