Local Profile’s Favorite Food And Drinks Of 2022

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It’s been a great year for foodies in Collin County. He’s found the best steakhouses, burger joints, pizzerias, breweries, and BBQ spots North Texas has to offer, added great new restaurants to his bucket list, and even made room for dessert. .

Let’s look back local profile‘s favorite eatery of 2022.

It’s the season for family, friends, and colleagues to toast the start of the new year. And “Cheers!” Champagne and sparkling wine are perfect for any holiday occasion. Pinot Noir, Zinfandel and Gewurztraminer are well suited to rich holiday flavors. Don’t forget the cocktails. Creative bites include ginger and cider-infused rye whiskey concoctions, holiday-spiced mimosas, cranberry mule, rosemary, club soda, and gin-infused wintery spritz. Talk to your favorite mixologist.

The best new restaurants in Collin County to try before the end of the year

This year is almost over. What better time to look back at the new restaurants and bars that have graced our taste buds? Here’s Local Profile’s Best of New Restaurants list for 2022.

A Guide to Asian BBQ and Where to Find It in Collin County

Once the brisket is done, the meal begins, as any barbecue-loving Texan knows. It could be Thanksgiving: The turkey is ready to be carved, but no one is invited to the table until the brisket is done.

It’s not hard to find blog posts or articles talking about the differences between American and Asian barbecue. And it’s often said that the main difference is that in Asian Q, the overall flavor of the dish (even the vegetables) is important. That statement is certainly not wrong, but don’t let anyone tell you that there are no traditional Asian barbecue spots where meat is the star.

Top 5 BBQ Spots in Collin County

Food critic Mark Sturtz scoured the land for the best barbecue joint in Collin County. See what he found.

From the smoky goodness of Hard Eight BBQ, to Texas Q Powerhouse, Hutchin’s BBQ, and Lockhart, the “barbecue capital of Texas,” take this meaty tour across North Texas and discover some Visit famous spots and some hidden gems. .

Top 7 Wineries and Vineyards to Try in Collin County

They say home is where the wine is. Luckily for North Texans, there are plenty of wineries around here. Some of the best wineries are here in Collin County. Who needs Napa when you can find attractive wineries within a 20-mile radius of your home? Here in Collin County, I’ve discovered several places to enjoy Texas wine.

Remember, the best wines are those you drink with friends. Invite your partner for a glass of wine and tell them it’s wine time. Check out these best wineries and best vineyards.

Collin County's Top 7 Burger Joints

Mark Stewart’s quest for Collin County’s top restaurants continues with a roundup of his favorite burger joints. Take a look at his list and plan your next meal.

A Guide to the Best Pizza Places in Collin County

Historically, Collin County was not a sanctuary for Italian immigrants. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, Italian speakers in the county make up just 291 (0.0299%) of a population of 1.03 million (2019). It’s not fertile soil for pizza’s authenticity, but given the number of ex-New Yorkers mingling in our midst, that soil changes.

Still, pizza is being thriving and thriving. We lift the crusty veil of this apparent disharmony and savor delicious pizzeria currency in abundance.

Collin County's Top 5 Breweries

Mark Stewart’s mouth must have been dry for bypassing Collin County’s best breweries. Lucky for him, North Texas has some refreshing hidden brewery gems that he was able to try. Here is his list of favorites.

Top 9 eateries for grown-up playdates before summer ends

Sometimes you don’t want to choose between going out to dinner and having fun with the gang. Cue these nine eateries that you can both. Indulge your inner child and gather with friends for a final night of food, entertainment and games before the year rolls around.

10 Must-Have Ice Cream Shops in Plano, Frisco, McKinney & Richardson

How can you forget your sweet-toothed neighbor? You’ve done the hard work of tasting the best ice cream Collin County has to offer. I can’t narrow it down to just one, so here are 10 recommended gourmet restaurants.

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