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Local News: Benton pantry receives grant from Southeast Missouri Food Bank (12/31/22)

Scott County Food Pantry is one of five Southeast Missouri Food Bank partner agencies recently awarded grants totaling $10,000 in 16 county service areas. This funding will allow the agency to increase and improve its distribution process.

“Our agency works tirelessly in our communities to help our neighbors who face poverty, hardship and hunger,” said Camille Peters, Director of Programs and Member Services for SEMO Food Banks. said. “Agencies often work with limited resources, so being able to offer this type of grant is huge for agencies and can really impact the number of people they can serve. there is.”

Yes in Disguise Pantry, Benton, Missouri; Anglican Church of Christ, Cape Girardeau, Missouri; Advance UMC in Missouri advance. Clearwater Ministerial League in Piedmont, Missouri. An open door food pantry in Holcomb, Missouri.

The grant opportunity was announced at the Food Bank’s annual institutional meeting in October, with all partner institutions contributing up to $3,000 along with information on what is being purchased and how they can better serve their communities. You have been invited to submit a request for

“We received a lot of great submissions, but it was a lot of work narrowing down the winners to five,” says Peters.

The grant was used to purchase new shelving, freezers, etc. This allows distributors to distribute more efficiently and increase storage capacity.

“As the cost of living rises, we see a growing need for pantries, and it is important for agencies to be able to meet those needs,” said Peters. “Last year we decided to set aside funds specifically for this type of grant and we look forward to providing this opportunity again in the future.”

The Southeast Missouri Food Bank serves more than 70,000 people each month through its network of 140 partner institutions and other programs. His 16-county service area of ​​the food bank has the highest hunger rate in the state, with 1 in 6 families and 1 in 5 of his children food insecure.