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Kim Yuna talks about the food she was not allowed to eat while figure skating

Kim Yona sat with blurry korea Talking candidly about herself and sharing parts of “TMI” she’s never shared before.

On December 30th, Dazed Korea uploaded a video titled “”.Did I like these things? Yuna Kim’s Favorite Items You Didn’t Know!? / Yuna Kim is writing her own profile. Kim Yuna in the video wrote her profile in an interview with a fashion magazine.

In the video, Kim Yuna showed an unprecedented personality and unique charm.

When asked what his favorite food was when he was active, he answered that he liked eggs. She elaboratedI like eggs very much I didn’t know that, but I really like noodles and rice topped with eggs. I really like the fact that there are shops that put an egg on top of rice when you order it for delivery. “

she said she likes it too ramenShe sharedAs we were talking, people around me said, I’ve been told that I look happiest when I’m eating ramen. I couldn’t eat ramen when I was active, so I think that’s what stuck in my mind. As soon as I retired, I ate nothing but ramen. i still like it It’s not flashy, but it’s a food that gives you a little happiness. “

She also talked about the emoji she uses most often. she explained, “I use the one with the gorilla on it. I think it’s very funny, but some people tell me not to use it because[the sticker]looks creepy. I’m the type to get all the series I like. I also like funny things. “

Fans who saw the interview said,I love these types of interviews with TMI.” “I love meeting Yoona.” She looks like a normal girl who likes small things.” “I like tastes.” When “I hope she can enjoy all the foods she couldn’t eat when she was an active athlete and sleep better. “