Keith Lee calls out Picklemeeverything on TikTok over alleged unsafe food practice

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Published: 2022-12-23T18:44:25

Has been updated: 2022-12-23T18:44:36

Food reviewer Keith Lee called “Picklemeeverything” on TikTok for alleged unsafe food practices after another TikTok claimed pickle products increased the risk of botulism.

Because TikTok goes viral easily, many users are using the app’s popularity to create content to boost their small businesses, such as items like stickers and charms, and even food in various forms. increase.

Chef Pee’s viral pink sauce was the most famous food throughout 2022 as the TikTok community raged over whether it was safe to eat.

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While the pink sauce issue was recently resolved, the next food safety controversy began just days after food critic Keith Lee shone a light on Picklemeeverything, a small pickled food company.

Picklemeeverything Controversy Explained

In recent months, Keith Lee has made a name for himself as one of the most honest food reviewers on the app. Based in Las Vegas, he often sticks to local restaurants, but he occasionally gets items sent from his tiny TikTok business.

In the now-deleted video, Keith did nothing but praise the various pickled foods sent by TikToker Picklemeeverything.

But he’s since learned from fellow TikToker FoodScienceBabe about the dangers of not pickling properly, and not only made a video demonstrating the dangers, but he’s also been criticized by people who say her business isn’t legal in California. I called her out for deleting the comment.

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Keith was quick to denounce the TikToker company for reports of products not being properly sealed, and asked all followers to cancel their orders if possible.

“I completely condemn these actions and products. I will not work with anyone who cannot accept honest feedback and grow from it.”

Shortly after, Picklemeeverything posted a response on their channel telling fans that they are licensed to sell their products and will provide more proof soon.

The business owner also clarified that orders are not being processed at this time.

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As of this writing, Keith has yet to respond to Picklemeeverything’s response video, and the Etsy store where the product is sold has all been removed.

We will certainly provide updates to this article as the controversy evolves.

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