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José Andrés, His Daughters Eat Their Way through Spain

Jose Andrés is a famous Spanish-American chef in many restaurants in America. He also helped shine a light on humanitarian disasters at World Central Kitchen. This organization provides food to people after natural disasters.

He has a new TV series called ‘Jose Andrés and Family in Spain’. In the show, he eats and travels with his three daughters who grew up in America. trip Via Spain.

During the new show, Andrés goes to the kitchen of a Spanish restaurant and sees a large eel.Andrés watches the cook prepare the eel.

“People, I know you don’t usually eat eel, but if you try it, you’ll love it,” he says. “Simple and nothing more Sophisticated at the same time. ”

Andres’ daughters Carlota, Ines and Lucia Andres travels with her father to places such as Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Andalusia, Valencia, the Canary Islands and Asturias. Chef was born in Asturias. He says the food there made him who he is today.

The new program includes a travel program, a cooking program, and a child-rearing program.

“My father is a very curious person, so I think it was very special to go to all these places with him,” said Carlota Andrés.

José Andrés has a deep love for food and respect for its origins. He will include both respected restaurants and street food in the new show.

Tapas are small plates that are often served in Spanish restaurants. Tapas is Andrés’ masterpiece. philosophy about eating. Eating tapas, he goes everywhere, eats cold and hot, fish, meat, vegetables and much more.

“If I were president of the world, I would succeed Required Every person has to travel around the world in one year of their life, from country to country, culture to culture, continent to continent,” he said.

From left to right: Diego Guerrero, Carlos Sanchez, Mila, Inés Andrés, Carlota Andrés, Jose Andrés and Pepa Munoz enjoying a meal.  (Discovered via Xaume Olleros/AP)

From left to right: Diego Guerrero, Carlos Sanchez, Mila, Inés Andrés, Carlota Andrés, Jose Andrés and Pepa Munoz enjoying a meal. (Discovered via Xaume Olleros/AP)

Meanwhile, Jose Andrés supports Spanish cooking.

“I think all cultures need to be proud of who they are. chauvinism about it. For me, sometimes I take it to the extreme,” he said.

In Madrid, patatas bravas, a spicy potato dish, a glass of wine and pastries were on the menu. In Valencia, travelers ate paella, a traditional Spanish rice dish. “I think you tasted the real thing. Think again,” says the chef.

The family hopes the series continues Inspire Other families going out and exploring, especially after almost three years of the pandemic.

he said. remote part of your world. Excitement is not in place. Excitement is inside me. ”

I’m Dan Novak.

Dan Novak adapted this story for VOA Learning English based on AP coverage.


the words of this story

chef —n. a professional cook usually in charge of restaurant kitchens

trip —n. To travel to different regions such as countries, regions, etc.

Required – adjective required by law or regulation

cooking —n. cooking style

chauvinism – adjective Believe that your country, gender, etc. is superior to any other country

Inspire — v. make me want to do something

remote – adjective Far away from other people, homes, cities, etc.