IAFP announces Journal of Food Protection to be open access in 2023

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The International Association for Food Protection (IAFP) has announced that the Journal of Food Protection will be published with Elsevier as a fully open access journal from January 2023. A forum for exchanging information on the protection of the food supply and.

According to the announcement, the IAFP’s decision was motivated in part by the editorial board’s desire to make the journal’s critical research open to all and reach the broadest audience in all sectors of business, government and academia. was given. When his five-plus-year-old issue of the Journal of Food Protection became available online for free, usage data skyrocketed, confirming the need for content. These backfiles include JFP’s two previous titles, Journal of Milk and Food Technology (1947-1976) and Journal of Milk Technology (1937-1946).

The significant increase in authors choosing open access indicates a desire to make content freely available to all. In the current model, all authors have already paid the page fee. This fee will be replaced by an article publishing fee of $1,600 for IAFP members. This ensures that articles are fully accessible when published. This model also allows authors to share their research more widely without paywalls or copyright issues.

After careful consideration and consideration of the options, the IAFP Board decided to make a decision based on its experience in transitioning subscription journals to fully open access journals and the strengths of its platform to help increase discovery and visibility of JFP content. have chosen to work with Elsevier. The agreement will reduce the cost of open access publishing for both IAFP members and non-members.

The IAFP looks forward to making all JFP research available for viewing, downloading, copying, and distribution by anyone.

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