How to retrain your brain so you never need to diet again

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Scenario 3: When spending time with a family that shows a love for food, planning is paramount. “When you’re caught off guard, you give in,” he says Michaelides.

But if someone gives us love and receives love through food, saying “I don’t want your cake” may be saying “I don’t love you.” “How it is interpreted, not what you intended”

Think ahead of time how to avoid the situation while still giving the person the love they might need in that moment. .”

And what if you fail in one of these scenarios? “That’s fine, but think about it later and see what happens next.”

break the cycle

These behavioral patterns are cycles that we repeat, and no meaningful change occurs until we break them. But it cannot be done without identifying the issues involved. “Identify the reason, then think about what works so you can keep it,” Michaelides says.

Awareness is key, says Gunn. Before you start eating, determine if you are eating to satisfy your hunger or to satisfy your emotions. “Look for patterns. Be careful when you increase or limit your food intake. Triggers can be internal from your thoughts or in response to external stressors. Ask yourself: ‘What kind of food do I tend to prefer in what situations?’

take a break

It is difficult to change associations that are deeply embedded in the brain. Losing weight or not is a shame. It’s hard to feel like a diet failure. Try to develop helpful internal dialogue. “Develop a strong relationship with yourself that is reflected by your internal dialogue,” says Michaelides.

Taking a compassionate approach will result in unexpected changes other than weight loss.

“Having a strategy for when you ‘turn around’ from a healthy eating plan is just as important as the plan itself,” says Dr. Rupy Aujla, author of Dr. Rupy Cooks. “Self-compassion prevents shame and negative self-talk that undermines self-esteem and motivation, and pushes you away from your goals.”

Wherever you are on your journey to break behavior patterns and find sustainable habits, ask yourself: Beyond the numbers on the scale, what does success look like?”

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