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Greater Boston Food Bank Grants $2,000 to Daniel’s Table

Framingham – This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Greater Boston Food Bank Community Investment Initiative. The initiative aims to enable nearly 600 food distribution partner agencies to expand their services, prioritize diverse and high-need populations, and distribute nutritious food to families and individuals. increase. across eastern Massachusetts.

Recognizing the impact of inflation, rising food costs and high levels of food insecurity, food banks have changed their models to prioritize equity and incorporate the unique needs of each food distribution partner and their diverse communities. I was.

This winter, the Greater Boston Food Bank made a special “Holiday Network Investment”. He offered his one-time $2,000 grant to all partner institutions to support hunger relief efforts this holiday season.

Framingham’s Daniel’s Table received $2,000 in operating funds amid rising energy costs.

“We will use this funding to help offset energy costs to keep our freezer and refrigeration equipment running at optimum capacity,” a representative of Daniel’s Table reported via Google Forms.

Through our investment in the Holiday Network, $700,000 was donated to food pantry partners to support hunger relief efforts, operating expenses and non-food needs.

This donation is part of GBFB’s Hunger Free Holidays campaign, which seeks to raise awareness and funds to combat food insecurity in our state.

With one in three Massachusetts residents facing food shortages, the campaign aims to prioritize children, students, families and others in need this winter.

For more information on how to get involved and fight hunger, visit Those in need of food assistance are encouraged to visit for a list of resources and food programs.


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