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Go Early To Moynihan Train Hall For The Food

One of the traffic cops patrolling New York’s Moynihan Railroad Hall told a fellow cop, “Steve says it tastes the best here… so let’s eat healthy today.” Given the array of food options now revealed in the airy station that used to be the former post office, Lebanese fresh and delicious, rich in vegetables, grains and well-prepared proteins such as chicken shawarma and lamb kafta. It seemed to approach NAYA for cooking. Comes with hummus, tabbouleh and baba ganouji. But they went to Jacob’s Pickles next door and had chicken with sausage gravy. Sure it tastes good, but it’s decidedly healthy means something different to his friend Steve.

When the Moynihan Train Hall opens on January 1, 2021, it will be clear to train travelers to and from New York, a universe away from the dark, cramped dungeons that are the main part of Penn Station across the street. It was a bonus. But if you wanted something to eat before catching the train or getting on the train, Pennsylvania Station had an advantage. That all changed this year with the arrival of a food outlet at the Moynihan Food Hall, offering travelers more choice. Representing famous restaurants and flavors of the city, it also gives it a taste of New York. New York showcases the cuisine of the world, so it’s a taste of the world.Opened in 2011 on the city’s Upper West Side, executive pick Jacob’s Pickles serves macaroni and cheese, fried chicken, and pickles (vegan pickle ice cream). , which celebrates home-style Southern cuisine such as , relocated a few weeks ago. Recent additions and more will be posted on the board over the next few months.

Burgers are everywhere, but burger joints started as holes in the wall in the former Parker Meridian. The Thompson Hotel was now hidden behind a curtain, with only the neon image of a hamburger on the sign. They had a very basic burger menu, but it was so good that residents have been lining up since the opening. They still line up for burgers and cheeseburgers (fresh Angus beef, flame-grilled), but here they also have Beyond burgers and breakfast burritos.

Originating in Japan, EAK Ramen is a proponent of Iekei ramen that blends pork and chicken soup, Kyushu and Tokyo styles, and is hugely popular in Asia with 500 stores in several countries. Since it landed in New York in 2017, introducing a soup that takes 18 hours to cook and its own secret style of noodles, it’s become a hit here and has doubled in several locations across the United States. The Moy Nihan store opened in September.

Alidro opened in SoHo, New York in 1986 and serves the ultimate Italian sandwich. Currently, he has 40 different items on the shop’s menu, all of which are made fresh daily. Moynihan’s choices include an Italian cheesesteak consisting of rosemary-braised roast beef, sautéed mushrooms, provolone, truffle cream, and black garlic mustard, with porchetta, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, hot spreads, and sweet. There is the Fratelli, which consists of roasted peppers and arugula. Diners can also create their own sandwiches and salads.

Other branches with now-familiar names have also been mixed, such as Magnolia Bakery, a grab-and-go package where you can pre-order the famous cupcakes and banana pudding (as it still happens at the original Greenwich Village location). , so that there are no matrices around the block). ); Cafe Bakery Maman serving delicious salads, sandwiches and pastries, including tempting chocolate chip cookies. Sauce Pizzeria serves thin crust pizzas with dipping sauces, much like the Lower East Side. However, it seems to be missing some obvious options like sushi, Mexican food, and kosher deli, but that’s been fixed. La Esquina, Yo Yo Sushi from Bond St and Pastrami Queen are coming soon.