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2021 Winner that’s shanghai Food & Drink Awards Chef of the Year, Chef Lucky Lasagna broke up with Italo to launch his first independent restaurant, Bambinoa 30-seat trattoria on North Shanxi Road Popot.

The new venture Juke team – chef michael Janczewski (bastard, Juke) When Sebastian Daly (juke, previous Italo) When, Colin Tate (Shake, BlackRock).

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

Home to all that is good and good in this world, Chef Lucky’s bold use of ingredients and impeccable soulful style continues with the restaurant’s new tagline, ‘Bambino.’Cucina Furiosa.

He is the literal embodiment of the restaurant’s spirit animal. Nonna Because we are not afraid to share the comforts of our humble home as food that nourishes both the stomach and the heart.


Originally from Aprilia, a suburb of Rome, Chef Lucky is not your typical chef. His enthusiastic – almost theatrical – personality is engaging and attracts diners wanting to learn more about his background, food, and his story.

He’s a caricature of himself, and it shows in what he puts on his plate – exactly what he believes should be there, whether it matches conventional Italian food or not. is.

Image credit: Chef Lucky Lasagna

His gastronomic style is not grounded in a rigorous culinary school background, but rather evolves from real-world cooking experiences inspired by his favorite childhood dishes.

result? Traditional yet unconventional Italian cuisine with a focus on quality ingredients.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

A quick snack such as freshly baked daily breadsticks, or Glisson (RMB16) It’s like a biscuit in the American South, flaky and steaming when broken, and dusted with sea salt flakes.

The daily olive oil for dipping changes depending on the chef’s mood and what’s on hand for the day – pepper rosemary and basil, or hot chili and pink peppercorn.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

like Neapolitan frittatin, Alphabet Arancini (RMB58/2 pieces) We see the customary rice filling replaced with cheesy alphabet pasta and cracked black pepper – a playful homage cacho e pepe.

Crunchy fritters wrapped in a blanket of Parma ham are nothing short of gooey goodness when you poke through them.

DSC04900.jpgCrab (RMB98), Image by Sophie Steiner/That’s

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

Burrata is available everywhere so Lucky again broke the rules and opted for sliced ​​buffalo Mozzarella (RMB78) Scattered with charred zucchini, snap peas, garden herbs, a hint of chili pepper and toasted hazelnut medallions, each bite offers a welcome surprise.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

of Artichoke (RMB82) It consists of Jerusalem artichoke or sunchoke, rather than the green, petaled variety commonly known as French artichoke.

From the crispy crust jacket to the luscious mashed potato center, the nutty flavor pervades everything.

But what stands out even more than the Jerusalem artichoke itself is Piedmont bagna cauda A seemingly simple blend of garlic, milk and anchovies creates the ultimate balance of umami saltiness, caramelized sweet onions and toasted walnuts.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

A rich yellow cherry tomato puree serves as the sauce for the Chinese red shrimp, lime zest and ricotta stuffing. Ravioli (RMB78).

And generous shavings of pecorino imported from Italy sit like snow mountains atop handcrafted pasta — a cheese and seafood pairing that breaks the rules of Italian cuisine.

But Chef Lucky does it anyway. This is purely to prove that this no-no can actually be a yes-yes.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

A true Roman menu Quintquat (translated to “fifth quarter”), a key component of modern Roman cuisine featuring offal and tripe. Trippa a la Romana (RMB80) I’m immersed in Chef Lucky’s grandma’s recipe for a rich tomato stew crusted with green olives.

Also, the polenta you get at Taobao is “shit”, so according to the chef, he makes his own polenta, which is the base of this dish. Half of the corn he dries for two days before slowly caramelizing it for a bold ‘corn’ flavor. A contrasting consistency holds together in a thick, almost gooey spoonful studded with kernels and crunchy bits of Parmesan cheese.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

Using the same corn as polenta, Chef Lucky boils it and blends it into a kind of corn milk. Panna cotta (RMB60)Boozy currants glazed with punchy Amaro Montenegro lend berry-like tartness, while a crown of salty popcorn adds a textural crunch to this corny start to the dessert.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

When it comes to alcohol, there are the usual suspects like Aperol Spritz (RMB68) When Negroni (RMB68), plus some soup-up shippers.Velvet is highly recommended Limoncello Milk Punch (RMB50) Served with lemon, nutmeg and milk-washed limoncello.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

Designed by wine expert extraordinaire Sebastian Daly, the wine program is all about the world’s best sex. I’m a woman. “In a very male-oriented society, Bambino has chosen to showcase the women behind the bottles, including women-owned vineyards, importers and winemakers.” From Vermentino to the pleasantly sweet and funky Malvasia Moscatel, expect great glasses.

The menu is currently fairly tight at 12 items, but will expand to 15-18 items in the coming weeks. We plan to open for lunch after Chinese New Year, serving paninis and soups daily. But of course, this is Lucky’s kitchen, so don’t expect the slightest layer of cold cuts and cheese: Roman-style juicy Italian with sautéed chicory. Try our rich homemade focaccia topped with a generous amount of tripe and a variety of flavors.


A quintessential neighborhood Italian trattoria, Bambino feels cozy and welcoming, like walking into a friend’s house. On the ground floor is his one and only communal table that seats eight, centered around a giant inlaid rosemary bush. Sit down as a couple and you’re sure to meet new drinking buddies before dawn.

Image by Sophie Steiner / It is

Upstairs is still homely, but more private, conducive to date dinners. Increased by the warm light from the lantern.

This isn’t the trendiest, most exclusive restaurant that just begs KOLs to knock on the door. it’s the other way around. The city’s ideal neighborhood hangouts are filling up with chill-out hangouts again. A place where you want to be welcomed as if you were part of the family. It’s a place to get tattoos, grow mustaches, play sports, ride bikes and be loud.NonnaBecause that’s the only way he knows.

price: RMB120-250
who goes to: Lucky Lasagna Chef, Jing’an Foodie, Roman Cuisine Lover
good: Date night, friendly catch-up that won’t break the bank, casual Italian cravings

See Bambino’s list.

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