Food kitchen brings Christmas cheer to St. Joseph

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December 25 — Volunteers from the St. Joseph community came together to serve the underprivileged and the hungry for Sunday’s Christmas lunch.

The open door food kitchen served meals from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., including turkey, potatoes, dressings, and gravy.

Marsha Rosenthal was chairman of the board of directors of the Open Door Food Kitchen and was also one of the many volunteers for the meal.

This year, the program was moved back inside the organization’s building at 615 South 8th St. Previously he had COVID-19 so meals were served outdoors.

Rosenthal said he was relieved that the event took place this year, given the recent cold weather.

“They can come and socialize with their friends and family…that’s a lot better,” Rosenthal said.

Program Director Lisa Moser said the goal of the event from her point of view is to spread joy.

“We want to put a smile on their face and make them feel good,” Moser said. “It makes my day better.”

According to Moser, the Christmas meal is a tradition that has been around for quite some time.

“The Jewish community has helped us with the Christmas service and we are having a lot of fun,” Moser said.

Throughout the year, the kitchen serves approximately 57,000 people. Meal donations come from the entire community, including Second Harvest. Rosenthal said St. Joseph is a very committed community.

“It’s very humbling and makes us very aware of what’s in our city. We have many charities and for small communities…they is doing a great job helping everyone.

Meals were also delivered and given to those who went outside in the cold. Wherever people can help, Rosenthal’s mission remains the same.

“According to my religion, we are here to feed the hungry, which is why we are here today,” Rosenthal said. “That’s something I keep in mind every day…it’s very important to me.”

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