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Food Blogger Gaby Dalkin Shares the Kitchen Items She Can’t Live Without – SheKnows

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If you were asked to list your favorite recipes for 2022, chances are the list will include a few recipes by Gaby Dalkin, creator of the famous food blog What’s Gaby Cooking. It’s one of the most popular food blogs on the internet, and for good reason. Everything she makes is delicious. Dalkin’s recipes are so good, she wrote a New York Times bestselling cookbook earlier this year. Gaby Cooking: Take It Easy: Tasty Recipes With Zero Stress.

Dalkin has had a busy year. In addition to publishing his best-selling cookbook and chasing his 2-year-old daughter Poppy around, Dalkin has also starred in his own new cooking show. my best friend’s kitchen, can be streamed on QVC+. Recently, we were fortunate enough to speak with Darkin.

You can check out the full conversation below.

Image: Harry N. Abrams.
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SheKnows: Congratulations on your new show! So much fun! For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, can you tell us a little bit about it?

Gabby Dalkin: “it is called my best friend’s kitchen And it’s essentially 30 minutes at their house with me and one of my dear friends. We teach you how to make recipes from our website. Some of them are decent cooks, others don’t know how to hold a knife. Now that we’re in their home, it’s really fun to get a peek into their world.

SK: How can people watch your show?

GD: “Broadcasting on QVC+. Watch on any device with streaming capabilities.”


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SK: You’ve already cooked a lot of delicious food on the show. Do you have any favorites so far?

GD: “Oh my god, that’s a great question. I love the cheese board I made with my girlfriend Katharine McPhee. It was so impressive. I love the Hilary Duff menu. It’s like a traditional Thanksgiving menu.” Because it’s very similar to what we make at home.It’s something that’s close and dear to me.I like it all.For example, every time I put out something like a cookbook or everyone, your favorite What’s the recipe? And I always like these all my kids.

SK: What are your must-have kitchen tools?

GD: “It’s probably the chef’s knife. I think a sharp chef’s knife is the key. But when it comes to tools, I’m obsessed with the garlic press because the amount of garlic I consume every day is obscene. And , if I had to chop everything by hand, I would have carpal tunnel, so it’s nice to have a tool to help chop it.”

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SK: What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve found in your pantry?

GD: “I mean, tiramisu season is approaching, so there’s a handful of lady fingers out there.”

SK: Delicious. how is your fridge? Anything unique or interesting there?

GD: “Poppy is obsessed with pickled dill, so we have 8 different brands of dill pickles.”

SK: Do you have a private place where you like to buy ingredients?

GD: I do a lot of specialty shopping at places like Eataly and can usually find really cool Italian produce that I can’t find elsewhere. doing. I’m always looking for new makers and cool local shops that I can support. That’s why I go to the Hollywood Farmers Market every Sunday.

SK: Are there any ingredients that you don’t like to use in cooking, or that you don’t like to use in cooking?

GD: “Bright yellow mustard. I’m not human.

SK: Are there any under-the-radar ingredients or food brands that you recently discovered that you fell in love with completely?

GD: Yes. This chili oil is from a company called Napoli Drizzle.

Image: Drizzle in Naples.
Chinese Hotler Oil $11.25

SK: Do you have a favorite TikTok food trend right now?

GD: “Oh my God. No, I’m not. I’m not very trendy. The butterboard trend has crushed my soul. To me, What’s Gaby Cooking means forever in your life.” It’s about doing what’s essential, so I don’t pay much attention to a lot of trends.”

SK: What holiday dish are you most looking forward to this year?

GD: “I love lasagna. Like a four-hour lasagna with bolognese that takes forever to make, fresh noodles and bechamel. You will be attacked. Deep taste.”

SK: Are there any holiday foods you dislike?

GD: “I mean, no, I love everything. I love to cook and I love to feed people.”