Fast Food Openings on Christmas Eve and Day? Wendy’s, Taco Bell and More

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Christmas is a federal holiday and many restaurants close on Christmas Eve as they cut back on operations for the winter holidays.

Some, including fast food restaurants, will remain open, but with reduced hours.

Be sure to call ahead to confirm specific hours for local eateries.

burger king

Wendy’s and Taco Bell both open on Christmas Eve. Some restaurants, including fast food outlets, will remain open during the holidays, but with reduced hours.
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Burger King is open from 6am to midnight on Christmas Eve, but closes on Christmas Day, according to food enthusiast website Burger King is a franchise, so opening hours may vary by location.

A Burger King spokesperson said Newsweek: “Holiday hours vary by franchisee. Guests can check these times at local restaurants or online through the Burger King app.”


The website says The Chicken Spot is open on Christmas Eve, but not on Christmas Day. You have to pre-order that chicken for Yule.


According to, Domino’s is open with reduced hours on Christmas Eve, but not on Christmas Day.

Most locations are open Sunday through Thursday from 10am to midnight, according to the pizza maker’s website.

“Domino stores are not obligated to be open on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Since the majority of US stores are owned by franchisees, store hours are up to the store and vary by location.” spokesperson said. Newsweek.

dunkin donuts

Feeling dizzy and glassy? Most Dunkin’ Donuts stores are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. pioneer woman report. Hours of operation vary by location, so please check with your local franchise.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

The website says the chicken chain will not be open on Christmas Day. However, we are open as usual on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day. These hours tend to be between 10:30am and 11:00pm, but franchise hours may vary.

Crispy cream

According to, the Donut Diner will be closed on Christmas Eve, but will still serve donuts, coffee, bagels and other foods on Christmas Eve.The Donut Shop’s normal opening hours are 6:00am to 10:00pm


Many McDonald’s locations are also open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but hours vary by location. Owned by an independent business owner. This means that business owners set the hours of operation for their locations. Newsweek Please contact McDonald’s for more information.

papa johns

According to the pizzeria’s website, Papa John’s is open on Christmas Eve, but not on Christmas Day, giving employees time off to spend time with friends and family. Some locations close early on Christmas Eve, so call ahead to find out when your local diner opens and closes.

pizza hut

The hut will be open on Christmas Eve, but many locations will have reduced hours.


Some Starbucks stores are open on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, but not all cafes. Many are executed in reduced time. Newsweek Please contact Starbucks for more information.


According to, the sandwich shop is open seven days a week except Christmas Day. Opening hours are generally 9am-10pm, but may vary by location.

taco bell

The popular Mexican fast food chain is closed on both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, according to its website.


Wendy’s website says the chain opens on Christmas Eve and most locations open on Christmas.

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