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Extra food drives add to success of La Crosse’s Rotary Lights – WIZM 92.3FM 1410AM

La Crosse’s rotary light display has brought over 5 million groceries to local pantries over 28 years. The collection expanded even further this holiday season.

Rotary has partnered with the Great Rivers United Way to set up outside food collections for 26 businesses and groups in the region this year. These donations are now added to the food total.

Food donations are now available at Rotary’s warehouses for local food pantries to pick up.

United Way’s Anne Paape says it’s another way Cooley residents show their generosity.

“We have 43 community food drive locations popping up across our area,” says Paape, noting that many collections will follow over the next few weeks.

“As usual, community residents responded to our calls for help. she says.

“This allows us to provide people with enough food,” says Virginia von Luden of Cashton Cupboard. “You can also use these non-perishable (items) to add dairy, meat, etc.”

The 2022 Riverside Park light display will be on nightly starting November 25th.