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Detroit Food Media Name Their Favorite Newcomers and Go-To Restaurants for 2022

The Detroit restaurant writer cooks the biggest surprises of 2022. This is part of his Eater’s continuing tradition of surveying city experts for year-end takes.

Melody Betensrestaurant critic/reporter, detroit news: In 2022, I’ve eaten a lot of pizza here and there, a lot of birria, and a lot of salad. It was Treat, Sesame House in Dearborn, Bar Pigalle in Detroit, and Petty Cash in Detroit.

Courtney BurkeContributor, Eater Detroit: My regular destinations for 2022 included Baobab Fare, Original Gonella’s, Saffron De Twah, Collect, Folk and Louie’s Pizza. And I was (and still am) very excited about Ladder 4’s incredible rotating food menu.

selina maria danielsCity of Detroit Editor, Eater: One of the relative newcomers that has flown under my radar as the pandemic is barda. It has become one of my go-to fine dining destinations when I’m feeling fancy. was. Barda’s towering pepper-and-cilantro-encrusted short ribs and chef Javier Bardail’s carne y hueso, which incorporates bone marrow and beef tartare, delightfully strayed from the norm. . After all, Argentines are world-renowned for their meat skills.

A favorite spot is La Jalisciense Supermercado Y Taqueria in southwestern Detroit. Specifically, the chicharrones – not too crunchy, not too soggy – chicharrones are made fresh on site and served with this incredibly spicy peanut sauce. The only time I’ve had peanut sauce on Mexican food was when I visited East Los Angeles last year and stopped at the Dom Pollon food truck. The experience lit my mouth on fire, but the nuttyness from the Jalisciense rendition cuts through the chilli heat used in the salsa, creating a balanced yet fiery bite. That it’s also a full-fledged grocery store makes all the difference.

lindsey greenRestaurant and Dining Critic, Detroit free press: Imai Izakaya was one of my go-to destinations this year. It’s one of the few spots open daily for early lunch and late dinner, and I’ve never come across a dish or cocktail I didn’t like.

You can also find me walking between coffee shops. James Oliver Coffee Co., Lucky Detroit, Trinosophes, Coffee Down Under, The Congregation, Spot Lite’s Cairo Coffee outpost, Savvy Chic’s Paradise Valley Coffee Co. Walkup. my usual hangout. The new Black Coffee Cafe in the North End and Le Rouge Boulangerie in Grosse Pointe Park are two of his places I’ve happily added to my rotation.

Mark Kurlyanczykeditor-in-chief, frame: This may sound like self-promotion, but it’s true.One of the things I love about working at Frame is being able to bring the most exciting culinary talents to one place. I used to have to drive around to eat my favorite foods, but now I’m so lucky to have most of my favorites in one place. So I didn’t have to leave work often to eat great food. The residency was particularly challenging and dynamic. From Karna’s irreverent Pakistani cuisine, to Val’s pizza’s incredible wood-fired pies, to Eddie Vargas’ regional Mexican cuisine, to Chef Edric Gudia’s Creole cuisine, we’ve got it all. Later, the ticketed frame space hosted everything from Northern Michigan wine he dinners to traditional Ethiopian feasts. In the meantime, we had little reason to leave her four walls. (And when I do, it doesn’t hurt to have another longtime personal favorite, Mabel Gray, right next door.)

Looking a little further out, my favorite newcomer to the scene is probably Ladder 4 Wine Bar. Chef John Jelinek has broken through the noise at the height of the pandemic, and it’s been really exciting to see what he’s done with both that incredible space and the Park Ranger pop-up.

Also, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Al Tayeb’s new Dearborn location in Warren. A place to take anyone interested in food visiting from out of town.

Mickey LionsContributor, Eater Detroit: This year has been all about comfort for me, with the occasional sprinkle of fantasies. Picking up coffee beans for the week while eating her pizza with Belgian beer and dill pickles at her HenriettaHaus in Hamtramck became a comforting Sunday ritual for me.

Love the new market/bar/restaurant I saw recently. Even in places like the Seasons Market, Metropolitan and Stadtgarten where you can grab a snack, sample new beers and wines, or take some home to enjoy in your pajamas, this is how the industry has adapted so well to our lives. It was a sign. changes in eating habits;

Carlos Parisifounder, host, Aunt KneeSandwich Talk Podcast: My main go-to will always be Duly’s Coney Island. It’s perfect for all my food needs.

My go-to and newcomers were the same with nice food and drinks. That was ladder 4. While the wine selection breathed new life into our rich barhi community, the food brought tears of joy to our eyes.

John ReyesContributor, Eater Detroit: Offering an ever-evolving, flavorful and wonderful wine and bar menu in an unpretentious setting that embodies the town of Ypsilanti. As for newcomers, I’m in love with Sozai Restaurant’s commitment to sustainability as much as their food.