Denver food pantry may limit visits amid rising prices, record demand

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DENVER — A Southwest Denver food pantry that serves hundreds of people a week is considering limiting how often customers can visit.

Food pantries across Colorado have had to contend with record demand and rising food prices this year.

Allison Taggart, Program Director, Integrated Family Community Services (IFCS), said:

IFCS operates a food market that offers many of the same staples available in grocery stores.

Denver food pantries may limit visits as prices rise and demand records

“We are proud to source and make available nutritious foods for our families,” Taggart said.

According to Taggart, IFCS serves 50 to 100 households a day.

The Pantry is supported by partners such as The Food Bank of the Rockies, but still buys most of its food at a time when food prices are rising, COVID-19 relief funds are drying up, and donations are dwindling. need to do it.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) said it expects food prices to rise by 3-4% next year.

So IFCS is now looking at the unimaginable. Limiting the frequency of customer visits to the pantry.

“You might want to limit yourself to just once a month,” says Taggart. Moon. ”

The Biden administration has promised a bailout and plans to send about $1 billion to help food banks keep their local pantry stocked.

According to a USDA press release, this is part of a plan to provide $2 billion to bolster food banks and school feeding programs across the country.

“Food banks and schools are the backbone of our nutritional safety net, serving tens of millions of children and families,” said Stacey, Under Secretary for Food, Nutrition and Consumer Services. Dean said.”The Biden administration understands that supply chain disruptions and rising food costs are creating uncertainty for these key partners, and we are committed to keeping our communities nourished, strong, and healthy.” We are committed to providing them with the resources they need to keep

It is unclear when the funds will arrive and whether they will be sufficient to meet the increased demand for food storage facing IFCS.

“Twenty-five percent of the people who come into our food bank every day are new to our service and completely new to food pantries in general,” says Taggart. “They may have donated or come with us as volunteers in the past, but now we realize they need that help, especially with food.”

According to Taggart, IFCS will start preparing people for possible policy changes in the new year.

“We hope to avoid having to make such a decision, but we are preparing people from January 1 for possible changes in February and March,” said Taggart. increase.

To learn more about the services IFCS offers or to donate, visit

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