Clark County food banks squeezed by spiking demand

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In addition to a shopping-style pantry, FISH offers a daily snack window with pre-packed food boxes. The contents of the box depend on the donation, but usually include salads, sandwiches, potato chips and drinks.

Richard Brown, 79, has been living on the streets of Vancouver for about three months. He would occasionally scavenge for food in dumpsters until law enforcement told him to stop.Shopping his style of food without a place to cook his pantry isn’t ideal for him. As a result, the snack window has become a staple of his this past month.

According to Fitzgerald, offering these options has been beneficial to the client. To better meet people’s needs, FISH began offering shopping-style pantries last spring. I was telling volunteers what I wanted.

“Choosing exactly what your family wants and needs is far more dignified and a better situation for your family,” Fitzgerald said.

Supply chain

Just as Clark County residents are feeling the pressure of rising prices, so are the county’s nonprofit food suppliers. “We’re struggling to maintain supplies of basic staples like peanut butter and jellies, soups and canned fruits and vegetables just because demand has gotten so big,” Fitzgerald said. .

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