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Vast Chinese dumpling chains such as Lunasia and Din Tai Fung have radically expanded the world of dim sum, serving these delicious treats all day from morning to afternoon. I don’t understand why shumai and har gou are only good during the day and not at night.

In contrast, top bbq noodledoes a great job living up to its name and sticks to the dim sum gospel from 10am to 3pm. Before there were all-time dim sum outlets, it was. And in our various Chinese communities, it still is.

Top BBQ Noodles is located in one of the most food-intensive strip malls. Over the years, Gateway Plaza in Artesia, just west of Normandy, has been home to the United Nations’ culinary scene, including Teriyaki Hawaii, Torimatsu, Tea Station, Aunty’s Cafe, Chile Verde, El Polo Inca, Kanpachi and Curry House. and continues to be , Tapioca Pho, The Crab Shack, California Fish Grill.

In the middle is Top Barbecue Noodles. It’s a large restaurant with an extensive menu and the pictures of all the dishes look very nice. But if you’re looking for price, you should look to the much smaller, photoless takeout menu. This shows that Top is a ‘Hong Kong style’ eatery where you can ‘taste the difference’.

Having been to Hong Kong many times, I was able to understand that the style has influences from all over China. So do many international restaurants, including Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, and American cuisine.

I haven’t been to Hong Kong since it returned to Chinese rule, so I don’t know how much Hong Kong has changed. And those memories are that I am so well fed at every meal, especially at the small, unremarkable noodle and smoked meat joints in the alleys off the main streets.

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