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Caviar-topped Doritos are TikTok’s latest shocking trend

TikTok’s latest culinary creation sounds a little fishy.

Netizens are crazy about caviar and Doritos. Foodies have dubbed nacho-flavored chips stuffed with sumptuous fish roe and sips of Junk Meat Luxe “so delicious.”

Not to smack their yum, but nacho nosh doesn’t seem very appealing.

Vlogger Danielle Matzon seems to have launched the mystical Munch movement earlier this month with Kaluga Imperial Gold Caviar, which typically sells for $240 an ounce.

Online foodies are obsessed with topping their Doritos with caviar.
TikTok / Zaslavski
Dorito with caviar
Luxurious and junk snacks raving luxury food lovers.
TikTok / thirstycafe

Grab a Dorito with crème fraiche schmear on top, scoop up a teaspoon of caviar, and take a bite.

“I tried this snack for the first time with my brother,” she explains in the clip, which has 1.2 million views. “This is a snack he came up with.”

Caviar lovers, whose family runs Marky’s Caviar, have even licked the bumps of caviar from the sides of their hands like salt after a shot of tequila.

She managed to egg others to try the stacked height Doritos.

“Daniel ate caviar on Doritos, so I ate caviar and Doritos – mean girl voice,” cracked one user.

“I have never wanted more caviar in my life,” said another.

“I don’t feel like eating caviar, but Lord, you make it look decadent,” agreed one skeptic.

Some TikTokers dared to sample the snack hack on camera, claiming they were “influenced” and “very excited.”

Soogia, a food lover with 1.5 million followers, pieced together a clip of Matzon, calling the combination of salty and cheesy “very good.”

In her video, which has 2.9 million views, she says she “really didn’t like it” because it wasn’t a mashup “with room to spare.”

“God, that’s good,” she continues. “10 out of 10. Okay, Daniel.”

One TikToker agreed in a comment, saying, “I feel like, ‘This is not a practice I can do.

“You must try,” vowed another.

“I haven’t had caviar in hot weather and I don’t want it to go back to the way it was. It’s ridiculously overpriced,” complained another.

TikToker trying Dorito with caviar
Content creators flock to cupboards and fancy grocery stores to try groceries.
TikToker tries trends
Users called the trend “delicious,” while others thought it was fishy.
TikTok / trinhdoesthings

TikToker Trinh, who frequently posts daring food adventures, has had over 228,000 views for her clips. She claims the chives were a “delicious” addition.

“Doritos and caviar alone are too salty, so this works really well. The whipped cream softens the saltiness.” The Doritos are good, the caviar pops…” she lost her voice.

But not everyone sells for stacked combos. Some complain that it’s not “boozy” enough to frown, while others grimace at the thought of eating fish eggs.

Caviar has been a social staple for centuries. Despite claims of widespread availability, caviar is expensive, often costing hundreds of dollars per cup. Luxurious specialty products are clearly loved by many, but others are hesitant at the thought of consuming this kind of egg at that kind of price.

Meanwhile, a small bag of Doritos sells for $2.50. It has been a staple in stoner circles for decades.