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Photo by Anna Wilson.

DuBois County residents looking for a new breakfast outlet need look no further than Ferdinand’s newest location.

As you enter the spacious dining space, with its high ceilings and bright colors and walls adorned with aesthetic artwork depicting scenes from Ferdinand and the area, from the beaming smiles of the staff, to the superb breakfast offerings, you’ll find yourself in Southern Indiana. An experience that encapsulates the charm and hospitality of .

Just north of the town’s main strip, at 1825 Main Street, Cascade Cafe opened on October 21st.

This family-run restaurant was a blossoming venture amid the Covid-19 global threat.

In a metaphorical sense, restaurants are like roses rising out of concrete, but there are also physical similarities.

Towards mid-2020, owner Rob Wilson and his family decided that this previously grassless site north of 18th Street was the site.

“My wife and I had this idea for a long time to do a business like this with our daughters,” Rob said. Now available in the right season, we embarked on the process of building this building, analyzed what was available around here, and decided that breakfast would meet the needs of this community. ”

The first seeds of the business were planted in 2020, reminding his family that they need to serve people, not just food.

“We thought it would be a real boom for the town and it would boost the town,” Rob said. We didn’t have to prove it, we just assumed it was and took the risk.”

Rob said it proved to be a moment to teach life skills to his daughters, Anna and Elizabeth, who are in their 20s.

“It was so nice to see it,” said Anna. “They popped the frame up in her two days, so from a flat slab … I think they installed the roof in two days. I learned all about the parts.”

It took a year to break ground with the grand opening. Rob said his division of duties extended beyond him and his wife, Angie, to his daughters.

Rob said the nuances of the business require well-determined up-front decisions about working with furniture, flooring, electrical outlets, and more.

Anna said observing where this all started from day one to today creates a deeper appreciation.

The time spent on detail at this restaurant is testament to this family’s attention to detail, giving it an easily identifiable original handprint.

The main course is classic. Scrambled eggs, thinly fried potatoes, high-quality coffee, fresh and flavorful local bacon or sausage patties, and a hearty bowl of oatmeal topped with brown sugar and raisins and milk.

Recent sides include cinnamon rolls and muffins.

The coffee does not disappoint and is frequently refilled by the server.

And if it’s hard to wake up in the morning after you leave the house, Cascade will fix it in no time. Large windows fill the dining room with sunlight.

It can get busy, especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 8am to 11am. Closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Rob said they may open as early as 7am. This location is, on average, filled with large numbers of Dubois County crowds and drop-ins passing by Interstate 64 and surrounding attractions.

“It was very encouraging,” said Rob. “I’m so grateful to everyone who came out and gave me the chance. It’s really just what we wanted. People are really coming out and supporting it. We’re limited.” We were doing our time and we had a limited menu and people coming in. It’s kind of an affirmation of the idea that this is gone.It was a need that could be met in this town and this county.”

Cascade is making steady and calculated moves through this process, steadily adding to their menu in a timely manner.

“The whole process went really well,” said Anna. “It’s exciting to see us doing it in action. We finally got to the point where we waited tables and got to know the people. It was a pleasure to serve them.”

Find out more about Cascade Cafe here. You can contact them at 352-275-7106.

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