Cakes on a plane! Utahn has some trouble with TSA for Food Network competition.

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Utahn RaChelle Hubsmith has appeared on many TV food competition shows, but she didn’t have to fly with cake by her side before Food Network’s “Bake It ‘Til You Make It.”

“I did the shoot in the studio,” she said. it’s not your kitchen. Food available is limited. “

But in “Bake It,” which premieres on the Food Network Monday at 10 p.m., he says, “I made it at home. And I had to travel with it. I was stressed.

The seven participants, all amateur bakers, started their way to the All-America Baking Contest. And while I was flying with the cake, I got some weird looks from other airline passengers. “I had cake tickets. It was sitting right next to me,” Hubsmith said.

And things got even crazier when she was told one of her cakes had to go through the airport’s X-ray machine. “I thought, ‘That wouldn’t fit. Don’t,'” she said. “And she didn’t fit so she fell and almost crawled onto the conveyor belt to get her cake. Security was like, ‘Ma’am!’ wife! “

“So there are definitely some stressful moments that didn’t get caught on camera because there was no camera crew at the airport.”

She contacted TSA about the cake before her flight. “I was very worried,” Hubsmith said. “Inside the cake is a piece of hardware to keep it upright. , I was afraid they would pick up the metal and say, “OK, what is this woman hiding?” Fortunately, they were always very good at working with me. They looked in the box, they looked at the cake, and they were like, ‘I think she’ll be fine. However, I was really nervous every time I went through security. “

(Food Network) Rachelle Hubsmith talks Marilyn Bawol and “Bake It ‘Til You Make It”.

This was unusual for a woman who has competed in over 30 food contests, both televised and non-television, over the past decade. Just a few weeks ago, she was in her Food Network’s “Holiday Baking Championship,” where she…jerky…finished 12th out of 12. Earlier this year.

“I’ve been on quite a few TV shows, and I love it,” Hubsmith said. “I’m alive. It’s exactly where I want to be.”

She has baking skills and a personality that makes you jump off the screen. This explains why the 45-year-old wife and her mother are in demand on TV cooking contests. This is a path she never thought she would take, but when she was growing up, she wasn’t really into cooking and baking.

“You know in Harry Potter they say the wand chooses the wizard? That’s how I feel about this baking career,” Hubsmith said. “It wasn’t that I was specifically looking for it. It just keeps getting more and more into my life. So it kind of chose me.”

And she said, “I’m having so much fun. It literally feels like it’s just right for me right now. I really like watching TV, but I was a shy little kid, so I never thought it would be my way.

She started baking cakes for her children and posting pictures of the cakes on social media. Other people started contacting her, getting her cakes baked and auditioning for her television baking contests.

Oddly enough, she was first contacted to audition for the food contest show because she loved the diet show The Biggest Loser. She “dragged” her family to Logan’s “Biggest Loser” event and was “fangirling on everyone.” She befriended some of the contestants on her Facebook, one of whom reached out to her and asked her to audition for her show, a new baking that one of the “Biggest Loser” producers would launch. suggested to take it. She didn’t attend that show, but she got noticed and she lead to other opportunities.

“Bake it till you make it,” she said. I often watch the Food Network to learn how to make a recipe or watch someone compete, but I don’t know much about people. This one is so different because it combines two of my favorites of hers: baking contests and reality TV. “

A film crew came to her home in North Logan, filmed her baking, followed her to her job as a Cache County judge, Logan Canyon, and the county fair. “I loved making this show. It really was the highlight of my life,” she said.

Not only is she a contestant on these shows, she’s a huge fan. She “looks at anything to do with cooking and baking,” Hubsmith said. “I tell her husband I’m doing my homework, so I shut him up.

Her baking and television appearances attract the attention of friends and acquaintances, but less so of her own children, ages 26, 23 and 13. “If I’m not baking bread, it’s probably going to be a weird, weird day for them.”

And her kids are picky, picky eaters who only like about five things on the planet.And I always feed them crazy recipes. I just want a fancy chocolate chip cookie.’ “

But what she enjoys most is trying something new and coming up with her own recipes. “My biggest nightmare is when I make something and people ask me to make it again,” Hubsmith said. I want to try something different. “

This is one of the reasons why she is always ready to try new TV shows, even if she sees herself as “finky”. … you’re like, ‘Oh — did I say that? Does that make sense?

“I know I make a lot of funny faces and stuff.”

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