Biggest Austin Restaurant Hopes for 2023

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Towards the end of 2022, Eater asked a trusted group of friends, industry insiders and local bloggers to share their thoughts on last year’s culinary experience in Austin. All answers will be published before the year is over — cut and pasted, (mostly) unedited, in no particular order. Last question, number 10:

What are the biggest things to expect from the restaurant industry in 2023?

Darcie Duttweiler, Freelance Writer, Eater Contributing Writer
As someone who has worked in the restaurant and hospitality industry, I know how tight the profit margins are and how much it costs to run a successful restaurant, but as a diner, I really miss mid-range restaurants that aren’tMore is. It takes an arm and a leg to enjoy your meal. With industry costs, supply chains, and labor issues alleviating, we hope it’s profitable to have good old neighborhood eateries where you don’t have to spend more than $25 on a good meal.

Jane Ko, Blogger, taste of coco
A more sustainable and supportive environment for the hospitality industry.

Melanie Haupt, food editor, austin chronicle
I really hope that we can finally do away with tipping altogether and pay restaurant workers a living wage on a stipend.

Pat Sharpe, Executive Editor and Food Writer texas monthly
I hope they have a seamless supply chain, loyal customers with big pockets, and low inflation.

Editor-in-Chief Chris Hughes austin monthly
A brick and mortar concept that really values ​​regular visits (i.e. a true neighborhood restaurant with affordable prices). We’re full of splurge spots and need to find that middle ground again.

Erin Russell, Deputy Editor of Eater Austin
i hope they can take a break. First he had the COVID-19 pandemic, then staffing issues, then inflation…it’s a tough industry, but he’s focused on delivering an exciting and creative menu, not just surviving. I hope it will be a year where I can do it.

Eater Austin editor Nadia Chowdhury
Here’s hoping the restaurant owner/operator/senior chef actually takes good care of their staff. We hope our cooks get the well-deserved rest and rest as well as a good platform for creating great food. We hope that diners and customers respect our restaurant employees.

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