Best fast-food chicken sandwiches, mac ‘n’ cheese, chili & more: 2022 rankings in review

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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Whether you love or hate your relationship with fast food, the fact is, we all eat fast food.

don’t you believe us? According to a study by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one in three Americans eats fast food every day.

We all found ourselves sitting in the drive-thru line wondering whether we should go for the old-fashioned “tried” or something else.

Over the past year, reporters Brenda Cain and Yadi Rodriguez have completed a fast food journey, ranking the most popular foods at every local chain, ranking everything from fried chicken sandwiches to mac and cheese. Did.

We’ve gathered all our gastronomic conquests here, so next time you and your friends are debating the choice of lunch or a quick dinner, check out our thoughts and make a decision. I can.

throw away the hamburger

Want a juicy, tender chicken sandwich with enough lean meat? we’ve got you covered

We split our search for the perfect chicken sandwich into thirds.

Hungry for fast fried chicken? We Checked 6 Fast Food Chicken Stands to See Which Have the Best Sandwiches –

Which fast food place has the best crispy chicken sandwich? We tried 6 and ranked them from worst to best –

Best fast food grilled chicken sandwiches: tried 8, ranked worst to best –

oh baby! It’s cold outside!

As winter sets in, we’re all looking for ways to shake off the chilling cold. Nothing beats a hearty chili bowl. In Northeast Ohio, nine fast food chains offer chili on their menus, and I’ve tried them all.

Which fast food restaurant has the best chili? We tried 9 and ranked them from worst to best –

fish story

Fast food burgers aren’t everything. Fish sandwiches are a staple of fast food restaurants. We ranked Fish Sandwich in the 15th chain and another Spin Taste Test Tuna Sandwich in the 10th sub chain.

Which fast food restaurant serves the best fish sandwiches? We tried 15 different sandwiches and ranked them from worst to best –

Where can you find the best tuna subs? We tried 10 different sandwiches, ranked worst to best –

Hot dog!

Few things are more satisfying than a hot summer day or a perfectly grilled hot dog at the ballpark.

But if you’ve been busy with errands for the day and end up at a fast food joint but aren’t in the mood for burgers, there are several burger chains that offer grilled hot dog options.

Where are the best fast food hot dogs? We tried 19 and ranked them worst to best –

Anyone from Mac ‘n Cheese?

Let’s face it. Some days you just need a cheesy comfort steamer – aka mac ‘n’ Cheese. Building from scratch can be time consuming and you may not feel the blue and yellow box.

We found 10 fast food restaurants that serve cheesy goodness.

Best fast food macaroni and cheese: 10 to try, ranked worst to best

chicken salad

As more and more Americans tried to clean up their diets, fast food restaurants responded with an unlikely menu option: salads. I don’t blame you. But’s Best of Cleveland team wondered if fast food chicken his salad options would fill, energize, and satisfy the taste buds.

We hit the road and visited six of Northeast Ohio’s favorite fast-food joints to sample as many fast-food chicken salads as we could get our hands on. There are 19 in all.

Skip the burger and fries: The best (and worst) fast food chicken salad –

sub wars

It’s amazing what happens when you combine deli meat, cheese, veggies, and seasoning (or more) between two slices of bread (in this case, a subroll). Whether you call it a hoagie, a submarine sandwich, or a hero, there’s no denying that these double-sized sandwiches are worth craving.

When I visited my local sub-shop, I always asked where the best-selling was, and everyone without exception said Italian or meatballs. Of course I had to try both!

Ranking meatball subs from 5 popular chain sub shops –

Ranking 12 Italian subs in 9 fast food sub shops –

most important meal of the day

Whether you’re running late or just don’t feel like getting something ready before you leave the house, there are days when a fast food drive-thru breakfast sandwich makes all the difference. Fast food chains serve the most delicious breakfast staples: sausage, egg and cheese sandwiches.

Fast food breakfast sandwiches ranked from worst to best –

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