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Avocados, home cooking and ‘snackle’ boxes: Here are food trends to watch in a New Year

Go, mug cake and butter board.

According to chef and registered dietitian Diane Hendricks, the hot food trends for 2023 will be “functional foods,” nostalgic flavors, international ingredients, and plant-based proteins.

Speaking to Fox & Friends on Friday, Dec. 30, Hendricks said that while “the charcuterie board isn’t going anywhere,” the presentation is likely to change for the new year.

Moving on to the charcuterie board — the butter board is the next big thing

Instead of the traditional on-board charcuterie presentation, New Jersey-based Hendricks said “snack” boxes — snacks and typical charcuterie items placed in tackle boxes — will be “pretty trendy” in the near future. I predicted.

Snack boxes are more portable than traditional charcuterie boards. Compartments allow you to keep different items separate.

Chef Diana Hendricks (far left) participates

Chef Diana Hendricks (far left) joined “Fox and Friends” on Friday to discuss some of the hottest foods in 2022 and share her predictions for what’s trending in 2023. did.
(Fox News)

Butterboards were the hot food craze of 2022, but Hendricks believes that mixing additional flavors into butter to “boost” butterboards will be a trend in 2023.

Flavors such as chili oil are a “cool way” to add flavor beyond just eating butter patties during catered events, Hendricks said.

Bold flavors are another upcoming food trend.

Butterboards give way to hummus, whipped cheese and dessert boards: ‘Evolving into something unique’i89

“Sweet, spicy, global flavors have been a trend for 23 years,” Hendricks says, calling chili crisp oil “very good.”

“These are all going to improve with these new flavors,” she said. “It’s really delicious and versatile.”

Some of the trends for 2023 are

Some of the 2023 trends will be “leveled up” versions of the 2022 trends. Examples include flavored butter boards and charcuterie “snack” boxes.
(Fox News)

As for flavors, Hendricks predicts that “powerful punching flavors” will be the trend in 2023.

“Island flavors and world cuisine — it’s going to be huge and merge,” she said.

Healthier foods, including plant-based protein options and “functional foods,” will also be a trend in the food industry in the coming year, she predicted.

Viral ‘snack box’ food trend makes meals portable on outdoor adventures

“Anything that has color in it will give you more nourishment,” Hendricks said.

“Functional foods,” which provide “nutritional and health benefits,” will also increase next year, she said.

plant-based foods such as cheese made from cashews and

Plant-based foods such as cheese made from cashews and “island flavors” will be popular in 2023, Hendricks said.
(Fox News)

“Avocado goes with everything,” she says, adding avocado salsa, “really delicious” avocado hot sauce, and avocado chili.

Cooking at home and eating nostalgic treats like Charleston Chews, Good and Plenty and Oreos will continue to increase in 2023, Hendricks said.


“The pandemic has forced us to cook a lot at home, so that will continue,” she said.

Hendricks added that easy-to-prepare “convenience foods” will hit supermarket shelves.

And Hendricks says, “Nut and plant-based [are] It’s going to be huge in 2023.” —Vegan alternatives to cheese, eggs and meat didn’t appeal to everyone.


“Not for us,” contributor Katie Pavrich said on “Fox & Friends.”