Around 182 companies in the food industry in Saxony-Anhalt are constantly coming up with new ideas to transform this industry sustainably

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Comprehensive food expertise combined with innovation and sustainability – around 182 companies in the food industry in Saxony-Anhalt constantly come up with new ideas. Our press kit features several examples from across the state.

Magdeburg, Germany, December 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Sweet, sweet, Saxony-Anhalt. The Saxony-Anhalt region exports a wide variety of sweets such as chocolate, marzipan, candies and tree he cakes. But the original Halloren cake’s special ingredient is half a teaspoon of Halle’s evaporated salt. This celebratory cake was baked by the wives of salt workers and was originally made with only simple ingredients. The cake was also popular with middle-class families.

Cooking with chickpeas, quinoa and other climate-tolerant plants

With a long creative tradition, the food industry has long been Saxony-Anhalt’s most profitable manufacturing sector. By 2021, approximately 25,000 employees will be 7.8 billion euros.

Companies, most of which are small and medium enterprises, produce and process sustainable products, use resources efficiently and use effective circular systems.Chubu food industry Germany We are currently facing a big challenge. According to the Dresden Declaration announced at this year’s Central German Food Industry Summit, the causes are many and varied. Many companies in the industry are facing exorbitant raw material prices, deteriorating transport market conditions due to huge cost increases, continued shortages of skilled and other workers, and unplanned energy costs. increase.

One of the great advantages for the Saxony-Anhalt food industry is the region’s extensive expertise in food research. Innovative approaches in areas ranging from basic research to industrial products are driving the sustainable development of the food industry.For example, Focus in Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Köthen is tomorrow’s food. The university has established an Interdisciplinary Research Center for Sustainable Food Production (InFonaL), which he expects to be completed by 2027. Industry-ready solutions.

The “Food of the Future – Superfoods of Saxony-Anhalt” project Halle (Saale)also focuses on sustainably farmed healthy foods. With the support of the farms and the cooperation of the Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg, new crop varieties are grown, old varieties are rediscovered, innovative cultivation systems are developed, and healthy food supplies are protected in times of climate change. I’m here. The project involves growing superfood plants such as quinoa and amaranth.These seeds are latin america It is particularly resistant to drought and therefore climate change.

The food industry in Saxony-Anhalt also benefits from the presence of a number of new companies that grow samphia, produce 100% natural fruit snacks and superfoods, and develop healthy water-based beverages. increase. Saxony-Anhalt’s food and beverage startup scene is highly creative.Samfires and sea asparagus are not usually found far from the sea in Saxony-Anhalt, but in 2020 Julian Engelmann and Ken Doman Establish the first Samfire farm in Germany in the town of Burg near Magdeburg.

The question was, why add sugar, preservatives and coloring to ripe fruit when 100% natural fruit tastes better? Irina Zaitseva When Ushiro Teirako Halle asked himself when he founded NutriPur in 2017. The company’s 100% natural freeze-dried fruit, smoothie bowls, smoothie powders, and chickpea snacks are a simple and quick solution when it comes to eating a balanced diet.

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