7 Fast-Food Chains Open on Christmas Day — Eat This Not That

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I have bad news. If you want a grilled chicken club sandwich and waffle fries on December 25th, you’re going to be in the cold. Considering the chain closes every Sunday, that’s no surprise, is it? If you want to pivot to Double-Double with In-n-Out, sorry, that chain will be closed for Christmas as well. No taco bell. But given that these big chains have closed, it might be surprising how many fast food outlets are open on Christmas.

Hours may vary and some restaurants are shorter than usual. There are also franchised fast food restaurants that are closed all day on December 25th. Plus, with unprecedented winter storms sweeping through the country, you’re likely to come across some local spots that are more safely closed for Christmas.

Assuming the weather is nice enough in your area to venture out, here are 7. Fast food restaurants to visit at Christmas.

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Most McD’s stores open on Christmas Day, but many have reduced hours. So check with your local Golden Arch store before heading out for an Egg McMuffin or Big Mac.

burger king christmas
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Most BK locations will have reduced hours on December 25th, but most Burger King locations will remain open over the Christmas holidays. However, if you head to BK between mid-morning and mid-afternoon, you should be safe.

Wendy's Christmas ad.

As you can see (if you haven’t already guessed), most Wendy’s restaurants, like most major burger chains, “turn on the lights this Christmas”, as the site describes it. It also has a fryer, griddle and frosty machine.

dunkin christmas
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With a Dunkin’ near you, you’ll have Christmas donuts and coffee at your fingertips. Because this beloved pastry, coffee and breakfast sandwich shop will remain open on Christmas Day.

starbucks christmas
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Need a stronger Christmas coffee fix than Dunkin’ offers? Most Starbucks stores are open most hours on Christmas Day, so your table will be served with an oversized latte (meaning Venti).

7-Eleven Christmas
Provided by 7-Eleven

Hot dogs, pizza slices, burritos, endless snacks, sodas, slurpees (as well as candies, beer, deodorants, etc.) are all available on December 25th.

sonic drive-in christmas
Sonic Drive-in / Facebook

Most of Sonic’s stores are open on Christmas Day, so you can get whatever you want at this classic fast food joint, whether it’s quirky frozen drinks, grilled cheese sandwiches, or comically large hot dogs. increase.

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