21 Celebrity Owned Food Brands Launched in 2022 — Celebrity Owned Food Brands

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Whether your favorite celebrity is known for their acting talent in hit movies and TV shows, is known for being all over the Billboard charts, or is an All-Star athlete. One thing remains the same. Love they. For many of us non-celebrities, knowing that our favorite celebrities like the same things we like makes them more approachable and, for the most part, we Become ordinary people like them.

We all know well that celebrities are just like all of us, regardless of their height, but sometimes when they step into new ventures, we start to see them a little more realistically. example? Celebrities who own their own food brands.

Celebrity-owned food and/or beverage brands are nothing new in the sun, but these days, it seems like more and more people are entering the industry. did.

From athletes with snack brands to musicians who now own restaurants, here are 21 celebrities who launched amazingly good food brands this year.

In case you didn’t know, rapper, actor and businessman Master P has been dabbling in the food industry for some time now. While many may know him as a contributor to the success of the Rap Snack phenomenon, the founder of No Limit Records has a long history with friend and former label signer Snoop, including his recent releases. In addition, Soldier Snacks, Soldier Coffee House, Icon Rap Noodles, LA Great Rice, and LA Great Snowcones are all his original offerings.

Joining the ranks of the infamous Martha Stewart, funny Kevin Hart also entered the restaurant industry this year with the opening of his plant-based fast food restaurant, Hart House.This 100% plant in Los Angeles. The base option is said to offer “incredible flavor in every bite.”

You may know him for his starring role in the hit Netflix show stranger thingsNoah Schnapp strives to make him known to the rest of the world with the release of his own hazelnut spread. , as it’s aptly named, was released by teenagers late last year, but started to gain traction this year.

You may not be able to identify DJ and producer Marshmello without a mask, but if you shop at Best Buy any time soon, you will definitely be able to identify his line of air fryers. Released in collaboration with cookware brand Crux, the new air fryer comes equipped with a sleek and stylish look, TurboCrisp technology, and multiple air fryer his kits that can be purchased individually.

Whether you knew Jadakiss as a member of rap group The Lox in the 1990s or met him as a solo artist since the early 2000s, one trait remains the same. It’s his contagious laugh. He’s arguably gone down in history as one of the most notorious ad-libs of all time, but this year, the “We Gonna Make It” rapper got pretty serious about his latest venture, Kiss Cafe. . Released in collaboration with his father and his son, this new brand sees the legendary MC step into the coffee industry and plans to take over it.

But Jadakis wasn’t the only celeb to enter the coffee industry this year. Actor Tom Hanks, who is often referred to as “Hollywood’s nicest guy,” announced in November of this year that his own coffee line, Hanx for Our Troops, will be available to ship by the end of the year. Did. Best place? All profits from purchases are donated to support veterans.

Carmelo Anthony, a 10-time NBA All-Star, put on his entrepreneurial hat earlier this year when he unleashed his talent off the court and released his first wine brand, VII(N) – The Seventh Estate. . Created over a three-year period, the new line saw its first variety, his 2017 Châteauneuf-du-His Pap, named ‘Oath of Fidelity’, launched this November.

Crooner Justin Bieber may serve peaches in Georgia, but thanks to a collaboration with Canadian donut chain Tim Hortons, fans can enjoy his signature cold beer wherever TH’s location is. I was able to get French His Vanilla Cold Brew debuted on his June 6th.

After being bored by the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, country singer Luke Bryan started growing sweet corn. Fast forward two years and the same corn has grown him into a potentially thriving business. After partnering with Fendt and Merrit Pop Co., Bryant released his two flavors of popcorn with his first brand, his Boldly Grown Popcorn.

In case you didn’t know the news, Nick Jonas entered the spirits industry in 2019 (and will enter the popcorn industry with his brother in 2021), releasing the Villa One Tequila brand. And while he’s probably one of the best tequilas on the market, he’s found a way to make it even better by opening his own string of rooftop bars offering a wide variety of tequilas. Dubbed Villa One Tequila Gardens, Starr opened its first location in San Diego earlier this year.

Like his brother Nick, Joe Jonas joined the drunken chat when he launched his own line of sangria with popular canned cocktail company Osa. With options, and partnered with Tanqueray gin again this year, Joe made a lasting impression on cocktail lovers with this one.

Rapper, actor, and amateur wrestler fan, Bad Bunny added the restaurateur title to his resume this year. The Miami nightlife mogul has partnered with David Grutman and the two opened Gekko, a Japanese steakhouse, earlier this year.

previous love & hip hop Star and award-winning artist Cardi B entered the food and beverage industry last year in a very unexpected but brand-friendly way: Boozy Whipped Cream. Initially released in three delicious flavors, his whipped shots quickly became popular, with a new limited-edition peppermint his flavor hitting stores in November.

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