14 Food Trends That Defined the Year: 2022 CLE Wrapped

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It’s no exaggeration to say that the dining scene in Northeast Ohio has changed a lot in the last 12 months. cleveland magazine I was here to capture these changes in real time.

Ambitious restaurants are popping up on every corner of the city, creating new flavors and flavors in their creative menus.

In retrospect, we take note of major changes and trends in the Cleveland restaurant industry. Here are some caveats:

Ohio City Dining Advantage
The small area of ​​West 25th Street has long been the city’s dining hotspot, but 2022 will see three new eateries in the Intro Apartment Building (Jaja, Edda, Pioneer) and various newcomers in the main area. , has exploded with new concepts. Stretches include Choolaah, Pins Mechanical Co., 16-Bit Bar + Arcade, Day & Night Cereal Bar, and Bartleby. The whole scene surrounding West Side Market further cements this trendy area as a foodie’s paradise. — Annie Nikolov

Assorted amba

(photo courtesy Tiffany Joy Photos)

built to share
When you have something good, like a song, you want to share it with your loved ones. Food is no different. Whether it’s Zhug, Amba, The Last Page or JaJa, some of the city’s most innovative restaurants offer ambitious shareable offerings. Restaurateurs say the tide is turning in towns where classically bigger is better, as more and more diners want to try a little bit of everything. provided in one way. — Dillon Stewart

My wife was pregnant, so I may have noticed more, but there were mocktails on nearly every menu. spirits to maintain the integrity of your favorite cocktails. DS

vegan rubens
This year felt like a vegan Reuben mania as nearly every herbivore establishment ventured into traditional corned beef. St. Paddy’s Day Cleveland He’s Vegan Trying to get a sandwich proved to be nearly impossible with dozens of orders coming in and out of the kitchen. East His side Birch His cafe has run out of stock several times as hungry vegan Clevelanders come to the restaurant’s website to place pre-orders.Anthony Elder

Sora Sushi

(Photo courtesy of Sora Sushi)

Ghost Kitchen’s Next Life
During the pandemic, Ghost Kitchen has become a trend to offer takeout-only options and reduce rent and prep costs. Now that diners crave an in-person restaurant experience, some of these ghost kitchens are finding new life as fully realized brick-and-mortar stores, making ghost kitchens a useful part of R&D. It proves that it can be Two of his hottest eateries this year—Chef Douglas Katz’s classy Indian-inspired fusion restaurant, Amba, and Fabio Salerno’s popular sushi restaurant, Sora—draw their roots back to Ghost Kitchen’s beginnings. – Ann


(Photo credit: Lily Richard)

It’s a cone!
Perhaps thanks to the “corn kid” trending on TikTok and the state of Ohio being a major corn producer, you can find corn everywhere in Cleveland’s cuisine. Enjoy a sweet corn cocktail at Salt in Lakewood or Tremont’s Spotted Owl. Order exquisite elote from Source the City in University Heights or one of the many Cilantro Taqueria spots in town. Plenty of baroco corn queso. Pick up seasonal sweet corn ice cream at Gingham Market or Mitchell’s. “I can’t imagine anything more beautiful.” – Ann

Outstanding hospitality
Despite year-long sales, so-called “quiet retirements,” and legendary staffing problems, Cleveland’s restaurants continue to thrive, from Aqua di Luca’s finger-holding luxury to Cordelia’s homely ambiance. , demonstrated their dedication to exceptional service. There have even been innovations in this area, such as the influx of digital tableside checkouts and downtown newcomers Agave and Lai implementing their own green light red light service system. — DS

restaurant renovation
Like most diners, we’re often distracted by the shiny new, but the brand refresh is back in the old hangouts. , reopened as the Pearl Street Wine Market, and Sam McNulty’s Bier Markt/Bar Cento has been transformed into the bright and airy Bright Side. — DS


(art: Madeline Salata)

rising costs
From burgers to crab legs, local vendors are feeling the effects of rising food prices. As a result, menu prices have increased noticeably this year. But diners are still coming out in droves since the pandemic shut down. — DS

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theme beans
Of course, you can get dark roast or light roast or whatever you want at Starbucks. Alternatively, he can visit one of Cleveland’s many Coffee Roastries for something more unique and fun. I’m a fan of Ready Set’s ‘Deep Track’ vinyl themed roast! Coffee on Detroit Avenue, and Birdtown in Lakewood’s excellent bird-themed bean bags (Hummingbird, Morningbird, Cardinal, Raven). – Ann

chicken tenders
Yeah, yeah — chicken tenders have been around since I was on the kid’s menu. But just look at the winding drive-thru lines of the Raising Cane chain and you’ll see that demand for the dish is skyrocketing. However, locally owned Crispy Chicken in Cleveland’s Central District favors a delicious basket of crinkle cut fries, sandwiches, coleslaw and, of course, the best freshly made chicken tenders in town. – Ann

natural wine
For at least the past five years, natural wines, which have been raved about by notable foodies such as rapper and TV personality Action Bronson, are finally making waves in Cleveland. The term loosely refers to a style of wine that is organic and made with minimal interference. It’s often gritty, shimmery, and funky, like orange wine or pet nuts. Let Karen Small of Pearl Street Wine Market & Cafe explain: There is an inherent respect for the land and the terroir really comes through,” Small says. “These wines are unique, funky and special.” Gordon Square Flight He can also find natural wines in Cleveland and at St.’s Her Pizza on Lorraine Avenue in Ohio City. — DS

tiki drink
Porco’s Lounge’s wave of influence has finally collapsed after almost a decade.Every cocktail menu in town seems to have something tiki-inspired. Some favorites include the last-page mai tai served in a ceramic fish glass. Zhug’s No. 1 is a genre with a Mediterranean twist, using carrots and turmeric. JaJa’s Pineapple and Rum Starlight Sizzle. In Lakewood, Iggy’s Bar makes Tiki Tuesday part of its core offering. Meanwhile, Tiki Underground builds something truly special in Cuyahoga Falls with their dive bar approach. That said, a recent visit to King He Wah is a reminder that the Hom family has served up solid tiki over the years. — DS

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new generation chef
From Adam Bauer of Heart of Gold to Vincent Morelli of Cent’s Pizza to Rachelle Murphy of Rood Food, a new generation of executive chefs are putting their own twists on Cleveland’s culinary scene. I can’t wait to see what they continue to do in 2023. — DS

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