10 Fast-Food Chains Open on New Year’s Day

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Hitting the New Year by hitting the fast food joint may not be the best bet if you’re looking to hit the gym and get in shape. New Year’s Day treat, good luck. Most major fast food chains are open on New Year’s Day.

That said, January 1st hours may vary by location, so check the schedules at your favorite fast-food joints before heading out for hangover-curing burgers and tacos on New Year’s Eve. , all the chains featured here are at your service. Don’t try to get service at Chick-fil-A on New Year’s Day 2023. January 1, 2023 just happens to be a Sunday and the chain isn’t open that day.

It is here 10 fast food restaurants that you can go to on New Year’s Day.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is widely open on New Year’s Day, so a bucket of chicken could be yours on New Year’s Day, as are KFC’s famous biscuits, mashed potatoes, and other sides.

McDonald's restaurants
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Given that most Golden Arch locations don’t close on Christmas Day, it’s no surprise to learn that McDonald’s is still open on January 1st. In 2023, be sure to try the Quarter He Pounder, McNugget, or Super Mario Bros. Happy Meal.

taco bell meal
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Taco Bell is open on New Year’s Day. Mexican pizza and chalupa are the perfect foods to eat after a night of drinking too much.

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BK will be open from January 1, 2023, with most locations operating normal hours. If you want to wake up early and have a fast food breakfast, or just want to finally drag it out the door in the afternoon, Burger King is ready for you.

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You didn’t expect Wendy’s to entertain you with McDonald’s and Burger King on New Year’s Day, did you? Not to mention sales. This beloved fast food he chain will open wide on January 1, 2023.

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Domino's Pizza, Lava Cake, Garlic Knots
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You can’t order pizza from Domino’s on Christmas, but you can be sure you’ll get your Domino’s fix on New Year’s Day.

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This coffee and donut shop is open on New Year’s Day, so America can keep running on Dunkin’ on New Year’s Day. (In fact, most Dunkin’ stores are open 24/7.)

sonic drive in
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The Speed ​​of Sound service is open every day of the year, even on New Year’s Day. You can head to most Sonic locations on January 1st and find them open during normal Sunday hours.

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Subway restaurants are open on New Year’s Day, so you’ll have plenty of sandwiches at your disposal on the first day of 2023. (By the way, Christmas Day is the only day when all subways are closed.)

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Starbucks employee holiday cup.
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The new year would be off to a cold start without a hot cup of Starbucks coffee. The coffee giant says he’s open January 1st, so no worries.

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