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Davenport, Iowa (KWQC) – 2022 was a big year for Quad City International Airport. Nearly doubling the total number of passengers in 2021, a $10 million project to make runways safer has raised fares.

QC Airport public relations and marketing manager Ashleigh Davis said the new renovations will make the runway a safer place for aircraft.

“So we had a 10,000-foot taxiway that made it much more efficient for planes traveling through the airport to enter and exit the terminal and get to the runway,” Davis said.

In 2022, the airport introduced two new commissioners to both Rock Island and Moline to serve their communities.

“They represent their city, but they also represent our entire community to make sure the airport is moving in a direction that benefits the community as a whole,” Davis said. said.

Delta has announced that it will no longer offer flights from QCA to Minneapolis and Detroit during the summer. We only fly between our home hubs in Atlanta.

“That limits some of the movement we want to see at the airport because our goal is to provide the best possible connectivity for our passengers,” said Davis.

And the holiday chaos that QC International Airport narrowly avoided.

“Fortunately, at least in the last few weeks, we have not seen a dramatic increase in even winter storms. You can do that,” said Davis.

So what will 2023 look like for air travel and the economy? It may not be all that different, Davis says.

“I don’t know if 2023 will make much of a difference, but I hope it will. Our goal is to champion our region and when these resources become available, , to ensure that we are a top priority as those airlines consider where to restore frequency or add new flights.”

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