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China To Allow Quarantine-Free Travel For Visitors, Dropping Restrictions

China will soon lift mandatory quarantine for international travelers from January 8, 2023. The country has been largely closed to international travelers since March 2020, although some travel has resumed months later due to exceptional business and family-related issues. . Several other changes have been announced to ease Covid-19 restrictions and end the strict zero Covid policy.

Changes for travelers start 8 January 2023

Please note some changes that will take effect on January 8, 2023. For one, travelers no longer need to quarantine upon arrival in mainland China. However, it must be shown that his Covid-19 test result, performed within 48 hours before departure to China, is negative.

Travelers are now required to self-quarantine for at least 5 days in a hotel and 3 days at home if they have a permanent residence.

Additionally, the government will no longer track close contacts of people who have tested positive for Covid-19.

Expect more trips

China has also imposed restrictions on the number of flights and passengers allowed into the country. These restrictions have also been lifted. However, details still need to be clarified on the number of flights allowed into the country.

These new rules will also make it easier for Chinese citizens who have lived or wanted to travel abroad but could not afford a large, costly and mandatory travel quarantine to return home. .

However, analysts agree it could be months before travel returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Wearing a mask onboard is still mandatory.


China’s reopening is a welcome sign for many who haven’t been able to visit family. It is also promising for tourism-dependent businesses and destinations. However, Covid-19 cases in China are still high, which could lead to regional lockdowns.

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