Mac Jones fined over $23K for low block on Eli Apple, actions after Rhamondre Stevenson fumble

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New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones was fined twice after the team lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 16.

Jones was fined $13,367 for a low block attempt against Bengals cornerback Eli Apple. Jones was also fined $10,609 for another needless grossness offense after the Patriots countered a fumble on Ramondre Stevenson.

Jones received a lot of criticism for trying to block Apple. The play took place with just over six minutes remaining in the contest. Jones was pressured into playing and tried to remove the ball before taking the sack. Jones chased Pratt, but had no intention of reaching him.

The play was denied after Jones was ruled to have thrown an incomplete pass.

Jones was not penalized for the play. After the game, Apple called Jones a “dirty player”. Heading into Week 17, Jones said everyone has an opinion, but he’s focused on being the “best teammate” possible.

Other NFL players echo Jones’ “dirty” player sentiment.

The play that led to the second fine came at the end of the game. Stevenson fiddled with the ball as the Patriots drove. He was hard to see due to the camera angle, but after the fumble, Jones appeared to push the Bengals player into a scrum, a push that occurs around :19 seconds in this video. Jones enters the pile around the :10 second mark.

Jones was penalized for the play at the time. However, the broadcast did not show a replay of Jones’ unnecessary roughness penalty.

Jones will start Sunday when the Patriots face the Miami Dolphins. A win would have pushed the Dolphins out of playoff contention, where he’s 7-8 and is currently the eighth seed in the AFC. A win over the Dolphins would put him a week away from the regular season and New England would qualify for the playoffs.

New England Patriots quarterback Mack Jones was fined in two separate incidents against the Cincinnati Bengals last week. (Photo by John Trumacchi/The Boston Globe for Getty Images)

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